Friday, 29 June 2012

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : akon - konkrete jungle

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : azealia banks - nathan (ft. styles p)

The next illustrated artwork for Azzy's latest single (from up coming mixtape 'The Fantasea').

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : no doubt - settle down

Wow - so this is what I want to look like at 40... in acid colours and chequerboard pattern, looking stunnin' and staying flyyy. No Doubt, welcome back!


Oooooh, yes! Alicia is on her way back - get ready! She just updated her facebook page with a new logo artwork (see above) and quite an interesting promo pic (below) - of her in front of a camera. This comes at the same time as a new track being unveiled, called 'New Day'. Check it allll out and look forward to her new music :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : colette carr - like i got a gun and if you don't know why I'm saying that, then you need to readjust your eyes and come back to me when you've thought about what you've done.

SHOOTING THE ARTWORK : trey songz - chapter v

Trey is gearing up for the release of 'Chapter V' and so, today, unleashed the behind the scenes of the album's artwork photoshoot. It features a lot of pouting, beautiful scenes around a sprawling mansion and a half-naked female. Oh, Mr. Songz - what are you like! The art director for the shoot, Nick Bilardello says: "We're going for high fashion... Trey coming into his own, growing into a man and his music maturing at the same time".

It is funny to note as well that the eventual album cover was shots taken of Trey out in the rain (obviously, which wasn't planned), in the video you see him going outside to "make the most" of the weather - after it begins to pour down over the glamorous set in Miami. Just goes to show that anything can happen when it comes to album artwork... not always the direction or plan that the art directors and designers have in mind!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : keyshia cole - enough of no love (ft. lil wayne)

Here is Keyshia's new single artwork... It isn't floating my boat a whole lot - I'm mainly letting how sloppy it looks slide as I'm so excited for new music from her!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

NEW EP ARTWORK : iggy azalea - glory

Oh guuuurl, give us that heat!! Iggs has unveiled the cover for EP 'Glory' - and it is fiercely stunning..I LOVE IT! Although it's giving me some hints of a certain 'Bad Romance' artwork...I think Iggy pulls it off, with a fiery - almost dark - sexiness. So glad she didn't skimp out on this cover, as it really sets the tone for her visual style to come.

p.s. Anyone else think she pulled this out the bag as a certain rival brought the fashionista with her debut EP artwork...

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : teairra mari - unfinished business

So, before she releases her second studio album, Tea-tea is giving some of that mixtape realness in the form of 'Unfinished Business'. The artwork screams "mixtape" - even down to the fact she's using an ollld promo photo, seriously from like two or three years ago :/ (and if I give J.Lo stick about it, I've got to dish it out to Ms. Mari as well). You better bring it for that album artwork!!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nelly furtado - spirit indestructible

Nelly tweeted her new single cover with the message: "Here is the cover by Joachim Johnson" - check out some of his photography work, very candid and puts importance on the flaws of pictures. As you can see this image is no different - slightly blurred, a strong light glare...but it adds to the feel of "spirit". The onllllly negative I'm seeing is the placement of type...everything is too close to the edge - as in they're nearly off the edge! Loving that she's using the new logo as well (Okay, second minor negative, the logo shouldn't be transparent - it makes it look like a watermark) :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : chris brown - get down (ft. b.o.b.)

Finally we know why Chris has been releasing so many free songs (not connected to up coming album 'Fortune') - they will be put together for a release called 'Rarities & B-Sides' or 'R&B-Sides' see what he did there! The next song is 'Get Down' with B.o.B., check out the artwork below.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : will young - i just want a lover

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : trey songz - chapter v

Monday, 25 June 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kreayshawn - summertime

*MS Paint alert!* AND IT'S FABULOUS!! Maybe Kreay-kreay is coming for M.I.A.'s kitsch crown...

NEW PROMO PIC : lana del rey 'national anthem' promo

So after revealing the very original and glamorous artwork for new single 'National Anthem' - she has now released a promo pic in the same black and white style (with her eyes covered by some of the song's lyrics). I'm assuming they are stills from the upcoming video and I'm getting essence of Jacki-O (JFK's wife) in this one and Marilyn Monroe (singing 'Happy Birthday' to the president) in the official cover...are we going to be seeing a Presidential theme in the new visual?

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : jennifer lopez - dance again...the hits

After I had begun worrying for the direction of this era's visuals (i.e. when Ms. Lopez used an old-ass image for single cover of 'Goin In'...) - she has pulled it back (slightly), by unveiling the album cover for her first compilation disc 'Dance Again... The Hits'. As lovely as Jenny Lo' is looking - everything just feels so 'Love?' era...just rehashed a little. What're your thoughts?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : frank ocean - channel orange

Frank goes for subtlety on his debut album cover - the garish orange, the use of Cooper Black type aside - with little indication of what audio delights await the listener. I'm excited :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ester dean - bam bam

Ester is gearing up for her debut album release and has unleashed a potty-mouthed-but-amazing song called 'Bam Bam' (channeling a little Missy Elliot methinks!). Here's the buzz artwork for it:

Friday, 22 June 2012

NEW REMIX ALBUM ARTWORK : björk - biophilia (the remix series 1-6)

Everyone remember Björk's latest album 'Biophilia'? Yes you do (refresh your memory here) and you also remember it being released in an ay-may-zang limited edition boxset (including tuning forks!!) - well now it is getting the remix treatment. But, rather then releasing one album of remixes - like she'd do anything by the book - B has decided to unleash 8 seperate remix albums (each in standard and deluxe form), so fans truly get a feel for 'Biophilia' remixed! Check out the first 6 below:

Series 1 - Standard & Deluxe 

Series 2 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 3 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 4 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 5 - Standard & Deluxe

Series 6 - Standard & Deluxe


NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : m.i.a. - bad girls (USB necklace)

So I posted about the new remix EP M.I.A. is releasing for 'Bad Girls'...and now I've found out the exciting news that she will also be putting the EP onto a limited edition USB necklace shaped like (what else) a car key - so now you can feel like you are some bad ass Saudi bitch, driving hard and living fast! It's set to include the three new remixes of 'Bad Girls', an exclusive .Gif and never before seen photos from the video shoot. The USB is on a classy "snake chain" and comes in a velvet bag - yum! Check it out below and head over to her official store to pre-order...

UPDATE : M.I.A. has released the advert for the necklace:

SHOOTING THE ARTWORK : misha b shoots her album artwork!

Loving me some of 'Homerun' - such an awesome debut single and the video is a great visual - but I'm ready for what else is to come! Check out the video below which shows Mish' on her artwork photoshoot in a house and around the streets of Mancester. Yum!

NEW EP ARTWORK : wynter gordon - human condition : doleo

In "changing the tempo/changing direction/changing pace but still being fabulous" news, Wynter Gordon has stepped forward this week and announced she is about to begin releasing 4 EPs under the title 'Human Condition', which will explore musical genres from "down south hip-hop to celtic"... yes, Wynter Gordon of 'Dirty Talk'/disco-dance-pop fame! And, for me, I couldn't be more happy! I always felt 'With The Music I Die' was awesome, but it didn't truly reflect the wide range of unreleased material (that were not dance/pop) she had and that deserved to be heard. 

These EPs will truly demonstrate the extent of Gordon's artistic vision :) So the first snippet of the direction we have is the first EP to be released, named 'Doleo' (latin for "pain"). The artwork is so different to what we've seen from her before and I'm so glad - she's truly going all out to show a different feel for this new era. Well done Wynter and I look forward to see what else surfaces...

NEW PROMO PIC : chris brown releases more 'fortune' images

So as July 3rd approaches, Breezy is kicking the promo into overdrive to make sure his face is everywhere (for more of a positive reason...). Loving the first one, links into all the other visuals we've seen and fits quite nicely alongside the album cover etc...the second one does not. Spelling a word out with bodies has been done to death, there is no way to make it look original/sexy/good...IN ANY WAY! Here's hoping that is just a blip and the rest of the album's artwork is top notch!

p.s. Has everyone else seen his pretty impressive TV advert (commercial if you're from the US..) for the album? Check it out below...

Thursday, 21 June 2012

NEW PROMO PIC : lady gaga 'fame' fragrance body & shower gel (?)

This picture has surfaced supposedly featuring the body gel and shower gel packages from Gaga's debut fragrance line. Take it with a pinch of salt, some of the alignments look a little bit off (it could be as it is LQ) - I'll update when I know for sure!

NEW REMIX EP ARTWORK : m.i.a. - bad girls (the remixes)

Kitsch and totally M.I.A.! This EP is set to include appearances from Missy Elliot and Rye Rye - excited!

NEW LOGO ARTWORK : mariah carey summer 2012

So, Mariah is coming back this summer and has unveiled a teaser pic showing hints of the visual she may be going for. Using the Aviano Serif type (that she's used for most of her albums) and a more subdued look, with metallic golds and a dark, wood brown - is she going back to a "classier" look, in the same lane as the stunning cover for 'The Emancipation Of Mimi'.

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : cheryl - a million lights (soldiers edition)

YAY! Finally a HQ version of the special EP 'A Million Lights (Soldiers Edition)' - that is included in the Super Deluxe version of Chezza's new album - has surfaced. I'm liking it more than the close up album cover, what do you think?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : DJ rim - world love (ft. kalenna)

(The unfortunately titled) DJ Rim has enlisted ex-Dirty Money member Kalenna for new single 'World Love' - like the song, not mad keen on the artwork. She looks delicious and the blue/grey/black colour scheme is working for me...the type is not good though and putting "feat." sideways is a no-no...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : lana del rey - national anthem

So - Lana unveiled this artwork on her twitter for new single 'National Anthem' first I thought it was a tumblr-esque piece and thought no more of it...then she confirmed it was the new cover. I do like it, but I think it'll tie into the song's video maybe and make me love it :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : nicki minaj - ghetto barbie

Oh holy hell...Nicki's done it again :/ An ugly ass cover, leaving me speechless, with chills and in awe (for all the wrong reasons). This UK-only compilation features previously unreleased material from before 'Pink Friday' and the artwork is hella ugly! Why the hell have they used the same letter for "Nicki" as "Minaj" - has the harajuku barbie changed her name to Micki?...mess mess messsss!

p.s. And before you start filing it under fan-made, get used to it being real: it's on the compilation's amazon pre-order page...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : timbaland - hands up in the air (ft. ne-yo)

Another "Step Up Revolution" single - the first being Jenny-Lo's 'Goin In' - from the soundtrack.

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : misha b - homerun

So I had already posted the buzz artwork a couple of weeks back and now here is the official cover for the awesome debut of Ms. Misha B! It is a video still - but I kinda like it like that, as the video is original (very Missy Elliot inspired) and fun. simonsez approved! :)

NEWS : stop your life! pink is shooting her new album artwork!!!

AMAZING NEWS! New Pink tunes are on the way, as Ms. Moore took to her twitter to upload this photo:

Accompanied by:

"Lunchtime at my album photoshoot. Deborah Anderson takes some purty pictures"

YAYYYYYYY! Can't wait for this to come and slay the charts and everyone else, she has never disappointed before. Also, Deborah Anderson has worked with Pink before on the 'Funhouse' artwork, so we know the visuals are in safe hands.

I am so ready for this!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : flo rida - let it roll

Saturday, 16 June 2012

NEW LIMITED EDITION : florence + the machine - spectrum (say my name) (white vinyl edition)

A new Florence single means a new limited edition white vinyl! We've seen her previous releases from the 'Ceremonials' era (check them out here) have the divine makeover - with a new image taken by Karl Lagerfeld and housed in a deluxe sleeve. Check out 'Spectrum' below: