Thursday, 7 June 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jennifer lopez - goin in (ft. flo rida)

"hello. this is the 'love?' album era. we'd like our leftover promo shot back please."

j to tha l-o...gurrrl, you are one of the hottest properties in pop, that means you rich mama!...SO WHY ARE YOU USING OUTDATED, OLD-ASS PROMO SHOTS FROM YOUR LAST ALBUM WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD A NEW, FIERCE, UH-MAY-ZANG PHOTOSHOOT?! gives me the shivers about the up coming greatest hits artwork...can anyone say "penny pinching"?....(and remember this isn't the first example of ms. lopez using old pics this era). i'm sad :(

p.s. anyone else thinking she believes she can get away with it as she hasn't changed for like 10 years...which is something to applaud, but surriously...NEW ALBUM = NEW ARTWORK!

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