Thursday, 28 June 2012

SHOOTING THE ARTWORK : trey songz - chapter v

Trey is gearing up for the release of 'Chapter V' and so, today, unleashed the behind the scenes of the album's artwork photoshoot. It features a lot of pouting, beautiful scenes around a sprawling mansion and a half-naked female. Oh, Mr. Songz - what are you like! The art director for the shoot, Nick Bilardello says: "We're going for high fashion... Trey coming into his own, growing into a man and his music maturing at the same time".

It is funny to note as well that the eventual album cover was shots taken of Trey out in the rain (obviously, which wasn't planned), in the video you see him going outside to "make the most" of the weather - after it begins to pour down over the glamorous set in Miami. Just goes to show that anything can happen when it comes to album artwork... not always the direction or plan that the art directors and designers have in mind!

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