Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : anastacia - it's a man's world

How in the 'Overdue Goodbye' have I only just heard about Anny's new album?!? From the release schedule (plans for only Germany and Belgium at the moment), it seems it is being kept as a low key covers album. But the cover seems pretty solid, rather than a cheap mess, and she looks damn fine - so bring it on!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : moxiie - helluva drug

Mox' continues with the excellent new-style artworks (courtesy of Dough Rodas, friend o' the blog!) and I couldn't be happier! Also, check out her new music - over on her Soundcloud page - there's some MIA-like realness going on, simonsez approves.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly clarkson - don't rush (ft. vince gill)

Who designed Kelly's 'Greatest Hits' era artworks?? They are just awful...the new logo. The editing on the images. The layouts. The colours. It's all just fan-made-ish horribleness!

Monday, 29 October 2012

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : kylie minogue - the abbey road sessions (limited edition casebound book & 2 vinyl edition)

Kylie has just released her orchestral album 'The Abbey Road Sessions' today and images have arisen of the two limited edition versions. Check out the 'Limited Edition Casebound Book':

Also, a delightful .GIF showing off the version has surfaced too...look at it go!

Also, for all the vinyl fans out there, there is 'The Abbey Road Sessions (2 Vinyl Edition)', which also comes with a CD version of the album and an exclusive new layout for all the artwork (such as a delicious looking gatefold!). Check out the official promo pics below:

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : rihanna - unapologetic (diamonds deluxe edition box & diamonds executive platinum box)

Riri has announced the deluxe edition box sets for the Unapologetic era (confirming the names I had speculated at) - say hello to the 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Deluxe Edition Box)' & 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Executive Platinum Box)'!! Dive in below to see the contents and my thoughts...

The 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Deluxe Edition Box)' is set to include:

- Deluxe CD version of the album, with a 28-page photo and art booklet (of Michael Muller and Melissa T. Forde's photography) and a 20 minute DVD of never before seen footage of her 'Loud' Tour performance at the O2 Arena in London

- A fan mosaic poster (which you can add your image to at rihanna7.com) featuring a new image from the 'Unapologetic' photoshoot

- A unisex t-shirt featuring another new image from the photoshoot

- 7 laptop stickers featuring the album art, the 'Diamonds' single cover and other designed images by Mario Hugo

- A limited edition, genuine, conflict-free diamond bracelet in celebration of the single 'Diamonds'. The bracelet will feature a black leather band with a brass disc and 1pt diamond packaged in a R logo card and plastic case

(Retailing at $79)

The 'Unapologetic (Diamonds Executive Platinum Box)' set packaged as a "collar box with trap doors" (!) will include:

- Deluxe CD version of the album

- Fan mosaic poster

- Unisex t-shirt

- Special edition collectible coloured 'Diamonds (Remixes)' vinyl

- 2GB credit card style USB Flash Memory Drive, featuring the 'Unapologetic' artwork

- 7 Art print lithographs (12x15) featuring more unseen images from the album art photoshoot, bound together with an R logo band

- 3 device adhesives of the album artwork, for use on iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone cases

- 7 laptop stickers featuring the album art, the 'Diamonds' single cover and other designed images by Mario Hugo

- A handwritten personal note from Riri, measuring 11x17

- A Rihanna 3D experience found only in this box set - a custom made white View Master (with silver detail) including a vintage reel of 3D images showing Rihanna's style transformation

- 40-page custom Rihanna notebook with handwritten notes and lyrics

-Plus, all boxsets will be individually numbered also

(Retailing at $250)

PHEW! Now that is a Navy overload, if there ever was one!! Where to begin... oh yeah, the price of the 'Diamonds Executive Platinum Box' - ouch! But, the collector (or should I say the Deluxe Edition Junkie/Graphic Design Addict... DEJ or GDJ for short) in me is already formulating what to sell in order to make sure this is sat under my tree for Christmas. Another annoyance is that the diamond bracelet isn't included in the more expensive set - I would gladly trade in the smartphone and laptop stickers - but hey hum. Also, the sets will be released December 11th...a month after the album, so the fans who spend more will have to wait for their copies of the album :/ I really don't know why artists haven't cottoned onto Britney's idea of giving the download of the album to these fans on release day...

Now onto the positives...IT'S A NEW LIMITED EDITION BOX SET TO DROOL/SPECULATE AND GET EXCITED FOR! The 'Talk That Talk (Navy Officer's Chest)' really did not disappoint, so I have every faith that this will be well designed and packaged. There is also a lot of focus on "handwritten" elements, but I'm assuming it'll be a scribbled "R" - like the Navy membership card within the Officer's Chest - but it's all fun and novelty. Also, who is like shaking and crying over the "with trapdoors" description in the packaging!! It's going to be epic!


UPDATE: To give you an idea of what the fan mosaic will look like, take a peak below:

Sunday, 28 October 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : moxiie - hell outta heaven

THAT'S MY GIRL! So, wayyy back when, I posted about Moxiie and was happy with her music, but not her artwork - feeling like she needed just a little extra something to really capture her sound. She's just unveiled a new song - 'Hell Outta Heaven' - and the artwork side has caught up and then some! It's brash, it's bright and she's holding her ponytail...YES TO ALL THE ABOVE!!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : zowie - smash it

Not one of my gal Zowie's best :/ But she is pure pop perfection, so she can't be denied! haha

Saturday, 27 October 2012

NEW EP ARTWORK : solange - true

Wow, she's really keeping it obscure with these unreadable (unless your screen's tilted...), block colour artworks. Check out her up coming EP 'True's artwork below:

UPDATE : Here is the back cover also - this time tilt your screen forward to read the tracklisting...she so kooky!

Friday, 26 October 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : leona lewis - glassheart (hmv exclusive slipcase)

HMV has another exclusive version of an album - this time it's Leona's 'Glassheart'...featuring a see-lightly boring slipcase of her face. But a collector's item is always fun :P

Thursday, 25 October 2012

! updated ! NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : bruno mars - unorthodox jukebox

A few days after what appeared to be the official cover of Bruno's sophomore release, was unveiled - the ACTUAL cover has turned up. Check out the slightly more interesting cover below:

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ricki-lee - burn it down

! updated ! NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : nicki minaj - pink friday : roman reloaded : the re-up


NEW ALBUM & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : stooshe - stooshe (standard & deluxe edition)

The girls have unveiled the artwork for their self-titled debut (originally titled 'Swings and Roundabouts')... The site Popjustice had quite an accurate piece on the girls change in image/sound since they began a year back and this cover epitomises that: far from the multi-coloured, foul mouthed LDN trio we saw in 'Fuck Me', they now come across as a chic doo-wop girl group. I just hope their outrageous individuality and personalities haven't been painted over in the album artwork and tracks...

Also here is the deluxe edition cover, I'm hoping they actually go with some gold-plating for that type, rather than just a recolour:

Monday, 22 October 2012

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : calvin harris - sweet nothing (ft. florence welch)

The original cover was definitely in keeping with his other single artworks...but they decided to update with a video still (Flo is looking dragalicious I must admit).

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : one direction - little things

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : bruno mars - unorthodox jukebox

UPDATE : The actual artwork isn't this, but can be seen in all it's monkey glory here...

Not as in keeping with the 'Locked Out Of Heaven' artwork, as I'd like - but it's decent enough.

! updated ! NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : taylor swift - red (deluxe edition & fanzine edition)

UPDATE : Tay-Tay is also releasing the album in an exclusive "fanzine" edition, set to include the album, poster, guitar picks and a special magazine filled with exclusive pictures and behind the scenes info! Check out her official website to pre-order...

Saturday, 20 October 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : sevyn streeter - i like it

I hope this girl gets her branding locked down :/ She's gone from being called Se7en to just Sevyn to Sevyn Streeter...and yes, they are all the same girl (originally of the band RichGirl). More recently you probably know her as Chris Brown's protegee, helping him craft hits 'Next To You' and 'Yeah 3x' - but finally she is embarking on her own, with first single 'I Like It'.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ester dean - i can't make you love me

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : kelly clarkson - greatest hits : chapter one

Sorry this took me some time to upload, there was some confusion over what was the official artwork for Ms. Clarkson's debut greatest hits release. But, the artwork below is the real deal... nice if you're a fan of borders - the type is a little plain/Microsoft Wordy... but it'll do :)

NEW SINGLE & LOGO ARTWORK : girls aloud - something new

After unleashing the flawlesssssss artwork for their tenth anniversary compilation 'Ten', the girls just keep it coming with the divine cover for single 'Something New'. Those colours, the poses, the styling! Yum.

p.s. Check out the delicious new logo as well:

Friday, 19 October 2012

NEW ALBUM & LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : girls aloud - ten (standard & limited edition boxset)

AHHHH! The girls are back after a hiatus to bring us a celebration of their tenth year anniversary - in the form of new compilation album 'Ten'. The release will see all their previous singles put together alongside four new songs (including new single 'Something New') and will come in a standard version, a 2CD deluxe version (the second disc's tracks will be voted for by fans) annnnnd a "bespoke limited edition boxset" version. Check below for the flawless artwork...

The standard and deluxe will feature the same artwork, while the limited edition boxset will feature a whole host of other goodies! Set to include:

- Bespoke collector's box (you can already smell the quality!)
- The 2CD deluxe version of the album, but housed in a special gatefold wallet
- DVD of the never-before-released 'Passions of Girls Aloud' TV series on 2DVDs (I think in the promo image, they've used the artwork from the 'Tangled Up (Fan Edition)' - I will confirm that...)
- 6 exclusive art prints
- Pre-ordering the release will enter you into a "golden ticket" style competition to win 1 of 10 prizes (go here to see the full list...lets just say it ranges from a follow from @GirlsAloud on Twitter to a pair of Nadine's stilettos...)

Phew! Take a look below to see the first promo image of the delicious release - it's gunna be something kinda oooh, for sure!

NEW ALBUM, DELUXE & LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : one direction - take me home (hmv exclusive slipcases & yearbook boxset edition)

The 1D reign just won't let up...

With the release of One Direction's sophomore album 'Take Me Home' approaching, all the different editions have been announced. So I decided to put together a comprehensive list of all that design deliciousnessss:

1. Standard edition - The straight forward, original album release.

2. Play.com exclusive deluxe edition.

3. HMV exclusive slipcase editions - Each member gets the slipcase treatment, so you can buy your favourite or even collect all five :)

4. Yearbook boxset edition - Set to include the deluxe version of the album, a T-shirt, sticker sheet, wristband and picture book (30 pages of exclusive photos of the boys).

Phew! So, all your 1D needs are catered for, right? Which will you be buying?

p.s. I attended a talk about 'Design in the Music Industry' last week and one of the speakers was the designer of 1D's latest artwork (jealous, much?) - I got to see some of the inside layouts and new pictures and even some trials for the album cover that weren't chosen as the cover! It was a great day and all the One Directioners out there won't be disappointed :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : steps - light up the world

Ahh... so this is the next step (ha!) for Steps... a Christmas album. Okay, I dig. Will probably buy this when it's cheaper in like mid-June 2013, but I respect the grind of the Pop royalty :P

NEWS : rihanna is set to officially announce 'unapologetic's boxsets!

Have you checked out rihanna7.com, yet? No? WELL GET OVER THERE THEN! Shoot...calling yourself part of the Navy...

Anywho! While over there you'll see that Rih is embarking on a new social media voyage (a la the unveiling of the 'Talk That Talk' era on Facebook) - this time it has it's own website, where it states that from following certain tasks fans can win "exclusive content and prizes!". Completing the first step unveiled the chance to upload an image to a fan-mosaic poster (like in Gaga's 'Born This Way (Collector's Edition)') - in the box used to upload your image, it also included this:

"Diamonds Executive Platinum or Diamonds box sets"!!

That's right - 'Unapologetic' is set to be unleashed in two limited edition box sets :D After you'd uploaded your image, you were then told to go to rihannanow.com, to pre-order your "fan-only" box set...though they haven't been added to the 'Shop' section of her website yet - so she will surely be officially announcing these awesome sounding limited edition releases soon!

Stay tuned on simonsez-CD to hear the details first...