Wednesday, 30 March 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : mary j blige - someone to love me (naked) (ft. diddy & lil wayne)

as this is a buzz single we'll forgive the laziness..

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : jennifer hudson - i remember me (deluxe edition)

slight change in colour, but still SOOO beautiful and i'm always a sucker for a deluxe edition!

p.s. found this fan-made, jenny-hud = foin this go around!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kat deluna - bailando

when an image is so good, you can use it on more than one cover. that's cool with us kitten :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

NEW SINLGE ARTWORK : shakira - rabiosa (ft. pitbull?)

was debating whether or not to post this cover..personally i feel shakira's taken a step back with the artwork, the 'she wolf' era = fire! also see no mention of pitbull on the cover..has he been taken off the single version?

NEW ALBUM/SINGLE ARTWORK : kylie minogue - hits & los amores (all the lovers spanish version)

not completely sure how official these i don't think any of us need another 'kylie - greatest hits' just yet..but even if they're just 'fan-made's, i'm still crushing on them!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : natalia kills - wonderland

loving basically everything kills has been putting out, musically and visually, can't wait for the album!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jennifer lopez - i'm into you (ft. lil wayne) & papi

j.lo ain't playing this time round, two buzz singles before the late april release of "love?"

always a sucker for a common visual theme throughout marketing campaigns, two thumbs up for consistency!

Friday, 18 March 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kat deluna - dancing tonight

ahhh, kat deluna. never lets us down :) simple but *bang* it's effective.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : neon hitch - get over u

so excited about this new artist. a lot of exciting visuals in her live performances and style...this cover feels more of a grower though, not crazy for the type...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Friday, 11 March 2011

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK - natalia kills - the perfectionist

the artist formally known as "verbalicious". awkward. haha! this artwork is flawless though, the black and white. THE RED! the image. the cross over her eyes. *falls into a graphic design coma*