Monday, 16 May 2011

LIMITED EDITION : britney spears - femme fatale (premium fan edition)

after my attempt at "teasers" for the grand unveiling of the 'femme fatale (premium fan edition)', here it is...let's dive into some prime deluxe read more to see all photos!


shiny! :)


inside page

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photographs :D as you can see from the shiny, it is highly glossy paper, so sorry for the quality...






back page

first disc insert (CD album 'femme fatale (deluxe)')

close up

premium fan edition exclusive disc cover :)

second disc insert (7-inch vinyl single of 'hold it against me')

close up

side A - 'hold it against me (single version)'

side B - 'hold it against me (instrumental)'

a well crafted and quality feeling edition, boasting exclusive, unseen photographs and bonus tracks, this is really every britney fan's dream purchase...apart from those infamous, shaven locks of with all things though, nothing is perfect, the only fault here is the lack of a booklet for the album OR even a track listing! as all buyers of the album got a download of 'femme fatale' on day of release we know what songs are on it (though this edition has had the japan-only bonus track 'scary' added to it, something i wouldn't have known if i hadn't inserted the disc into my computer...), it still would of been a good feature to incorporate into this edition, as it is left feeling slightly like a coffee table art book...with the album added in afterwards. but the quality of music and general quality of the piece itself is second to none :D well worth the (three week) wait!

originality : 7/10
materials : 10/10
design : 9/10
the music! : 9/10
overall : 9/10

rarity : moderate, only available via britney's official site, but they are yet to sell out.

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  1. hmmm is there a plastic wrap bag for this limited edtion? =]

  2. the copy i ordered (from britney's official website) was sent out in a well packaged box, surrounded by brown wrapping paper. it wasn't sealed in a plastic wrap :)

  3. so bad i live in toronto canada.... there is nothing.... are u in US?

  4. i'm in the UK, you can order from anywhere in the world from her website. use this URL:

    it should convert the cost into canadian! it's a really lovely deluxe edition.

  5. lol thanks for the website. i just bought 6 CDs from amazone.UK good deel~ I bought 2 britney's CDs and 6 sarah brightman's CDs. But there ate still 4 CDs that I want to buy however, they dont ship them to Canada.... =S

    happy xmas~