Friday, 30 September 2011

DISCOVERED : rd - got me burnin'

a new girl group! a new girl group! a new girl group! with the talent of sugababes 1.0, the attitude of ms. dynamite and the writing skills of katy b...welcome to the pop arena, rd! loving their debut single 'got me burnin', expect big things...

and their logo :)

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : the wanted - battleground

love that they've kept the logo (a strong visual vein through all their artwork), hate that "copy & paste" look on the sky merging into the mountains... :/ couldn't they have had a lighter red, faded over the skyline, rather than...THAT!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : enrique iglesias - i like how it feels (ft. pitbull & the WAV.s)

another enrique and pitbull collabo (produced by the WAV.s), so you know it'll be good :D this will be featured on the 'euphoria' re-release.
p.s. there's word that the song 'mouth2mouth' (ft. jennifer lopez) actually isn't new and isn't even going to be a single! will update when that's confirmed...

NEW EP & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : kelly clarkson - the smoakstack sessions & stronger (deluxe edition)

the 'stronger' pre-order on kelly's website allows fans to also receive the limited edition EP 'the smoakstack sessions', featuring exclusive acoustic versions of tracks from her last album 'all i ever wanted' and also from the new LP too!! (loving that they've kept it in the visual styling of the 'stronger' artwork, they'll look lovely you can see from the bottom picture!)

also, kells' team have decided not to change the cover artwork for the deluxe edition, but just add the extra words along the side. would've preferred a new cover, but we do have the EP i'll deal with it :D

and the two together!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : pixie lott - what do you take me for (ft. pusha-t) (?)

LOVE the song (did not expect the urban twist she's taking, and the pusha-t feature, whaaaa? <3) but this cover is ...just...ewww! fingers crossed it isn't official...

UPDATE : it's not official, here is the actual artwork :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : enrique iglesias - mouth 2 mouth (ft. jennifer lopez) (lq) (?)

new song to be included on the 'euphoria' re-release...and this cover has arisen. real or fan-made? the use of the two stars' logos...not mad keen on the image :/

DISCOVERED : havana brown - get it & we run the night & we run the night (ft. pitbull)

she is a beautiful australian dj, who is foraying into the pop world! about to release her second single 'get it', she has already released the ay-may-zang 'we run the night' (check them out, they are seriously addictive tunes!) and i'm hoping for big things from her. here's the artwork for the two singles AND also the 'we run the night' remix cover, which features pitbull. check 'em ouuuttt:

Thursday, 29 September 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : beyoncé - countdown

expect a slew of king b covers coming out, she's filmed a whole bunch of videos to be released over the coming months and i'm sure there'll be an artwork for each too! love that she has kept with the images used for each song in the album artwork as well :D

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : katy perry - the one that got away

ooh, flashback to the 'thinking of you' 50s look?? the single release is said to be a slightly altered remix, i wonder what they are going to do with it?! (hopefully something slightly more noticeable then britney's 'criminal' single "remix"...)
p.s. loved all the type used from the 'teenage dream' era artwork! this is definitely upholding a throwback/wartime poster vibe :)

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : sean paul - got 2 luv u (ft. alexis jordan)

posted the original buzz cover (back in june...), here's the updated single mix cover, featuring the lover-ly alexis jordan :)

also found this cover, the buzz cover with the MAJAH change of adding alexis' name...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : bruno mars - it will rain

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : the saturdays - my heart takes over

FOR REAL I'M IN LOVE WITH ALL THEIR ARTWORK! obviously girls aloud comparisons are hard to avoid...but why avoid them?? their artwork was always fun, flirty and hot as well! and now the sats have put in may-jurr artwork-swag to snatch the title of "girl band with the best covers!" title. check out their latest release below...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : olly murs - dance with me tonight

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : jls - jukebox

their third album offering, churning out those albums! i do love most of their music...but their cover artwork hurts my soul :( i thought we left artwork like this in the 90s...

DISCOVERED : joe goddard - gabriel (ft. valentina)

joe is a member of the band hot chip and this is a synthy masterpiece he has created with the singer valentina, i've had it on repeat for a month or so and decided to post the artwork :) the cover features a watercolour-inspired type and teardrop image, which links into the visual look of the beautiful video. check it out!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

WEBSITE : flashback to some vintage record-buying times! have posted some vintage photos, from the '60s, of the record-store institute that is hmv! snapshots into a time when people got off their sofas, there was no such thing as an "itunes edition" and went out to surround themselves with music! this is the way artwork should be displayed, sold and bought!! check the link below :)

(i don't know about you but i definitely wear this anytime i'm out browsing hmv's aisles...)


kyles has just released some images from her upcoming 2012 calendar and the cover reveals an AY-MAY-ZANG type. seems like another "adjective noun" (the design team behind many of kylie's covers and graphic design dreams!), love, love it|!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : drake - take care

SO excited for this album :D:D cover is exquisite goodness, loving the gold (very in keeping with yeezy and jay's 'watch the throne'...) and showing how to do "handwritten" type well! yes. yes. yes!
p.s. supposedly 'take care' will be released in three editions, the standard edition, the 'birthday edition' (the album's release date it drake's 25th bday) and the 'OG ron C edition' (??)...more on those when info arises!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : timbaland - pass at me (ft. pitbull)

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : emeli sandé - our version of events

well done to emeli's camp for keeping that visual theme strong with her artwork :D loving the slick feel of it!

DISCOVERED : scars on 45 - heart on fire

a good friend of simonsez brought this british band to my attention some time ago, they've been bubbling under the surface for some time now in the US and their latest single 'heart on fire' has been included on the latest "grey's anatomy" soundtrack! love the artwork and wish them every success :D

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : vv brown - children (ft. chiddy (of chiddy bang))

LOVE this! veev's back :)


can't believe she's coming out with a 6th the 'loud' promo even over yet??? anywho! here's the new "r" logo :D

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : britney spears - criminal

getting flashbacks from the 'blackout' era...and we all remember those masterpieces (ahem...) looking forward to the video too :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jls - take a chance on me

oh gawwwwd :/ cheese-tastic...

NEW ALBUM & SINGLE ARTWORK : florence + the machine - ceremonials & shake it out

WOW! florrie is on fire with her artwork game! (and anyone recognise that GORGEOUS goldfrapp type??)

and the stunning single artwork for 'shake it out' <3

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ashanti - never too far away

'shanti is on her way back :D!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : monica - until it's gone

hmm, that logo type seems familiar... but love me some mon! :)

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly rowland - lay it on me (ft. big sean)

and there was me thinking it had already been unveiled! love that image, all the images used in the 'here i am' artwork have been stunning <3

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : estelle - thank you

lovvvvvvve that logo, so glad she's kept it! was wondering where she was going next with this new era, seeing as 'break my heart' didn't take off :/

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : amy winehouse - body and soul (ft. tony bennett)

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : pixie lott - young foolish happy

wow, what a title! more like 'pretty simple classic'!! i correctly guessed that pix's team was changing the artwork direction (with the release of the 'all about tonight' EP), me like :D

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : agnes - don't go breaking my heart

how long ago does 'release me' seem?? love that she's back and the janet jackson 'discipline' type is dee-lightful!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : cher lloyd - with ur love (ft. mike posner)

remember all that time ago when she couldn't make it through a cover of 'cooler than me'?? liking the visual theme her team is keeping up with :D

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : lady gaga - you and i (the remixes)

still crushing on that image <3

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : the wanted - lightning

supposedly readying a US invasion (all time low seems to be getting major attention state-side), 'lightning' is set to be the next UK release...cover is standard the wanted fare :)

RANDOM : simonsez is back!!

SO some of you may have noticed i have been quiet over the past week and a bit (if you haven't noticed...shame on you!) and the album & single art factory has been churning out even more eye candy for us all to enjoy, so i'll be uploading everything i expect some bumper posts!


Saturday, 10 September 2011

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : superheavy - superheavy (deluxe edition)

the deluxe edition contains 5 extra songs and extra images in the booklet :) kinda like the cover in this more subdued black and off white too...