Thursday, 31 January 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : one direction - one way or another (comic relief single 2013)

It was only a matter of time before these guys were signed up for a Comic Relief single - and more power to them, reminds me of the days of big pop bands having massive success with these types of releases in the 90s (see: Spice Girls' 'Who Do You Think You Are'). Here's hoping the video has some good ol' pop/comedy gold...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

NEW REMIX EP : skylar grey - come and let me ride (remixes)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : alicia keys - brand new me (part 2)

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : - scream & shout (remix) (ft. britney spears, diddy, lil wayne, hit boy & waka flocka flame)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : t-boz - champion

The TLC-alum brings forth an early contender for 2013's "Crappiest Cover" award. I feel like I'm staring at a tramp stamp of some wayward hussy who couldn't decide between Viner Hand ITC or some kind of oriental typeface to use for her beloved's name, just above her ass... #ratchet

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : cassie - all gold, all girls (remix) (ft. trina & lola monroe)

The next single from her up coming 'Rock-A-Bye Baby' mixtape, Cassie keeps it golded out errythang...

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : cher lloyd - with ur love (ft. juicy j)

NEW EP ARTWORK : jessie ware - if you're never gonna move

Another British export to try her luck cracking America is J-j-j-jessie Ware. Just like The Saturdays though, Ms. Ware's artwork feels a little safer then her earlier covers... obviously it's gotta sell - but the '110%' artwork still sits in my mind as so peacefully beautiful. Step it up!

NEW EP ARTWORK : the saturdays - chasing the saturdays

To celebrate the beginning of their US charts assault, The Sats are releasing a 4 track EP to coincide with their new E! show 'Chasing The Saturdays'. The artwork is not as delicious as some of their earlier, block colour pieces - but it's cute (are they going for the "look how British we are - eat us up, America!"?).

Monday, 21 January 2013

NEW REMIX EP ARTWORK : kat graham - wanna say (remix EP)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : leah labelle - lolita

Ooft, check out #DemLegsAndUnderBoob - if there's one way to get something popping, it's getting your stems and tittays out! Loving Leah's sound, throwback R&B with a twist that only Mr. Pharrell Williams could give. The only downside, the kerning on the type feels a little off, but overall simonsez approves!

NEW EP ARTWORK : labrinth - atomic!

Lab gets cartoon-ified for the artwork for free EP 'Atomic!'. Check him out as his superhero alter-ego below...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly rowland - kisses down low

Glad to see Ms. Kelly is taking the artwork into a different direction from the 'Here I Am' era - as the 'Ice' single cover was a little too close in visuals to her last set of artworks, in my opinion. Give it to us, K-Row!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

NEWS : rihanna recreates all her album artwork for 'complex' magazine

As well as revealing her new single artworks, this week saw Rihanna grace the cover of 'Complex' magazine. The shoot took her on a trip down memory lane as she shot 7 different covers, each one channeling one of her 7 album's artworks - whether through pose or styling. Tuck in below as we take a walk down memory lane:

'Music Of The Sun'

'A Girl Like Me'

'Good Girl Gone Bad'

'Rated R'


'Talk That Talk'

Also have a look at the behind the scenes video below, which shows Rihanna getting into the character of each era and generally rolling around half naked taking selfies....

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : rihanna - pour it up & stay (ft. mikky ekko)

Riri took to her Instagram today to unveil the artworks for Double-A side singles 'Pour It Up'...

...and 'Stay'.

Actually really liking the lo-fi look to 'Stay's cover (reminding me of Sky Ferreira's latest trippy videos)... 'Pour It Up' on the other hand looks a hot-MS Paint-mess! She should've kept with her original look for it.

Monday, 14 January 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : olly murs - army of two

Ooft - Olls is looking good, well done to everyone involved with choosing that picture of him :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : justin timberlake - suit & tie (ft. jay-z)

Ooh-wee! This week saw new Destiny's Child music appear online and today sees the return of another voice we haven't heard in some time - Mr. Justin Timberlake. The sound of this single is not where I thought 2013 JT would be, but it's a grower and the artwork is straight up style 'n' sexiness. simonsez approves!

p.s. Are we meant to be calling him JT now?

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : frank ocean - pink matter (remix) (ft. big boi & andre 3000)

SO SO glad this version has emerged - Big Boi's verse originally taken out as OutKast's record label didn't want the duo reforming on Ocean's album.

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : azealia banks - fierce (dj josh peace redux)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kimberley walsh - one day i'll fly away

The Girls Aloud alum is really hitting the right notes with her solo artwork (all from debut album 'Centre Stage'), now releasing the cover for first single 'One Day I'll Fly Away'. I love that her and Nicola have come into their own with their solo efforts, visually and musically, it really highlights how other members got a little lost with theirs...

Thursday, 10 January 2013

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : destiny's child - love songs

Destiny's Child are preparing to release a new compilation album titled 'Love Songs' (following on from 2012's 'Playlist : The Very Best Of Destiny's Child'), a collection of their most romantic music along with (hold your breath) A NEW SONG! Like 'Playlist', the artwork is a rehash of an old photoshoot (these images originally being used for the 'Lose My Breath' artwork) and while the girls haven't seemed to age since 2004, it would've been nice to have all new images...especially as the editing on this one is a little off, with Kelly's arm falling a little short of the border...

NEW EP ARTWORK : neon hitch - happy neon

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : dido - girl who got away

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : rita ora - radioactive

So, this is a slight step up from the cheap 'n' nasty look that the music video had...just.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : azealia banks - bbd

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : fantasia - lose to win

Oh Fanny.... she is ticking all simonsez's pet hates:

1. Artwork being the wrong shape. How hard is it to design an artwork as a square 500x500?
2. Covering up your name with your any part of your body. Unless you're an A-lister on the cover of "Vogue"...don't do it!
3. Ugly-ass fonts that don't match or have any relation to the image.
4. The official cover artwork (this) having no connection visually with the buzz artwork (this).

BUT the one redeeming factor she has brought to the table that overturns all the above?

1. She looks fine and fierce as hell. Getchose Fantasia!!