Sunday, 31 July 2011

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : drake - headlines & marvin's room

well this was a step down from the original cover that surfaced...* doesn't  change it on itunes *

alllllso, forgot to post this before! love this song (especially jojo's female version...) artwork is boring as though...

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : chris brown - boy in detention

love this! breezy channeling his inner kanye :)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

! updated ! NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : dev - the night the sun came up

YESSSSURRRR! this is what i'm talking about, not that fan-made hot mess i showed you by accident before! snaps to dev and her team :D:D

Friday, 29 July 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicola roberts - lucky day

loving the artwork for this album!! so effortless, so beautiful, so spot-on!! :)  unfortunately it's a fan-made! the real one is here and it's pretty good :D

RANDOM : rihanna wants YOUR help creating a deluxe edition!

so today i received a very interesting e-mail from rihanna HQ! it read...

"You'll be pleased to hear that Rihanna will be heading into the studio soon to begin recording her incredible new album! As one of her most supportive fans, we'd like your help to create a special deluxe edition packed with exclusive extras. 

Tell us what features you'd like to see included in the deluxe edition of Rihanna's new album, by completing our 
short survey now."

obviously referring to the (as yet to be officially announced) 'loud' re-release, the questions consisted of what kind of music you would want to be put in the deluxe boxset, what extra merchandise and what type of DVD! i've taken a few screen grabs of the questions or you can click on the "short survey" link above to take the survey yourself to tell them what you want the deluxe set to include!

and here's some of the merchandise that could possibly be included...and you rate how likely it would make you want to purchase the piece:

my personal fave....

i hope no one clicks "very likely" for this mess....

they also showed you possible boxset combinations of the merchandise and names that the sets would have:

the 'gold limited edition" set

the 'platinum limited edition' set

and the 'standard deluxe limited edition' set....which looks like a miniature version of the 'couture edition', so i said i was not very likely to be purchasing that...

the survey even went into what type of DVD fans would want included and even what names for the DVD would be most appealing!

for me i said i'd prefer a live DVD, as the 'couture edition' included a behind the scenes of the artwork shoot and in the i'd worry that they would simply re edit that and include it...

ALLSSOO the survey even went into how much you thought each of the boxsets were worth and what price you'd be willing to pay!

the 'gold' edition was priced at £50, 'platinum' edition at £100 and the 'standard deluxe' at £20...

all in all an intriguing look into the marketing process of rihanna's next feels they are really making sure they don't put a foot wrong. or it could be that they want the edition to be "for the fans, by the fans", an approach kylie minogue has taken before and gaga did with her 'super deluxe edition' of 'the fame monster'. to me this survey feels like a really positive move, as someone who regularly purchases limited edition pieces and deluxe boxsets, mainly for my own love of the limited editions, but also as my way of supporting the artists i love. i also like the thought of record companies actually taking note of what the "die hard" fans want, yes we will buy almost anything you put out, but why can't it be things we actually want!

looking forward to see where this goes next...

SHOOTING THE ARTWORK : kelly rowland - here i am

now you can see the behind the scenes of that bee-ayy-utiful artwork shoot :)

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : adele - set fire to the rain

'21' is still selling by the bucketload :D:D! the release of the album's third single has been so drawn it really doesn't need the promotion...that thing sells itself!

p.s. the previous artwork i posted was a fan-made, oops!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

RANDOM : kylie minogue - aphrodite (the goddess edition)

UPDATE : SHE HAS ARRIVED! check out my full post on my copy of
the limited edition (with HQ photos) here!

just found out that the kylie minogue - 'aphrodite (the goddess edition)' is going to be another 2 weeks until it is finished (and as i'm not living in australia, it'll be at least another 2 weeks on top of that :/). this is the statement from the "behind the scenes" website:....

"Basically we (flew) over to Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago to show the almost final version to Kylie... (she) has a spectacular eye for detail... and wanted to make some changes to ensure it fully represents the tour experience. Had to stop production on the project and reprint a whole lot of the popups which set back the book a bit. We've also decided the cover wasn't good enough and reprinted all of them. Hoping to receive the first shipment of stock in 2 weeks and all stock by the 15th August. You can appreciate that with each popup containing over 10 layers of paper and each page being hand constructed it's been an interesting journey. Don't want to rush the print factory as the quality needs to be absolutely perfect."

hmmmmmmmmmm...not majorly happy with that. obviously i understand why (and i've said it myself before, kylie's artwork has produced some real greats because of that "spectacular eye for detail")....but im an impatient kinda fan...I WANT MY DELUXE LIMITED EDITION SPECIAL POP UP BOOK NOW!

the wait goes on...

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : neon hitch - bad dog (jason nevins, discotech, easy does it & dj chuckie remixes)

a whole host of remix covers have arisen from neon hitch's latest 'bad dog'...if you haven't listened to / supported her...get on that!! (i know it's not MAJOR news...i just wanted an excuse to post about neon again lol)

LIMITED EDITION : kylie minogue - the collection : the albums (2000-2010)

i had previously shown you the images i found of this edition over on another blog, but now my copy has arrived!! another kylie limited edition to tide me over until 'the goddess edition' be fair, in it's own right, this boxset of kyles' last 5 albums is a pretty solid piece, so let's dive in....

(click "Read More" to see the rest of the photos!)

front of boxset (LOVING the mash-up of the 5 albums into one image!)

love me some sticker-action...

close up to show the silver-foil effect used on the type


side (p.s. you're gunna see quite a bit of my hands in this post...quite a few "too thin to stand alone" pieces here, apols!)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

NEW ALBUM & BACK COVER ARTWORK : dev - the night the sun came up (?)

GOOD GOD I HOPE THIS ISN'T THE ACTUAL COVER ARTWORK!!!!!!!! especially not after the fierce-ness that was the 'in the dark' cover, that is the ish she needs to be putting out as her visuals! ...ok scratch that! i realised in the image she doesn't have all of her tattoos that she has now (duhh), clearly an old photo, clearly a fan-made and THANK GOODNESS! :)

the real cover is here :)

lot's of mystery in this post, this image (below) has also appeared...more in the vein of the 'in the dark' amazing-ness... possible back cover / promo pic? i will be sure to update and confirm (or fingers crossed deny that awful front cover) as soon as possible!

UPDATE : also a fan-made fake!

NEW SINGLE & ALBUM ARTWORK : kat deluna - boom boom (tequila) & inside out (japan edition)

bumper deluna post!! new single is pretty standard deluna affair and not completely sure what is happening with this cover (the styling is a steaming hot pile o' mess...) 

...on a lighter note, SO GLAD the image originally used on the 'push push' cover is being re-used for an 'inside out' artwork :D love it!...not completely sure what's happening with her releases though, they are kind of seeping out to many countries, no major promotion or push happening and murmurs of a whole new album ('viva') already in the works too...leaving me a very confused deluna fan :S

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : david guetta - without u (ft. usher)

not sure if the editing on his eye is meant to look like a black eye or heavy eye-shadow...possible themes for the video? lol...

UPDATE : this is a fan-made, real artwork here

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : the throne (kanye west & jay-z) - otis

kanye west and jay-z have announced that their future joint ventures will be under the name of "the throne", the lead single from their 'watch the throne' album is 'otis'...a hell of a lotta ego on this joint haha

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : diana vickers - music to make boys cry

only got into her debut album later then everyone else seemed to jump onto it..then she got dropped...but we're gunna get that follow up! artwork is see-lightly generic though...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : rihanna - cheers (lq)

WOW...another 'loud' single...when's the re-release ri ri??? on a side note, "cheers" to her design team, really kept to a theme throughout all the artwork :D

p.s. will update when hq version arises...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : drake - headlines

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly rowland - lay it on me (ft. big sean)

feeling this type has been dragged out a tad too kind of dumbs down the gorgeous photography, but still ticks the box i guess :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


ashanti has released a new promo pic with a new logo attached :) always loved her artwork, looking forward to see what she serves up musically AND visually this go around!