Thursday, 28 March 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : chris brown - fine china

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : amelia lily - party over

Below is the official artwork for the X Factor alum's latest single 'Party Over' (check the buzz artwork here).

NEW DELUXE EDITION : jessie ware - devotion (the gold edition)

She can do no wrong in my eyes. Love this! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : angel - about time

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : little boots - broken record

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly clarkson - people like us

AWW LAWWD! I hope I'm not the only one that will be glad to see the back of this era's awful cover artwork. Surriously, every single cover and the greatest hits artwork are all awful :/ If she holds onto that tacky logo as well, I will personally go round every store that is selling her next releases and draw over it with something less visually offensive.

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : rihanna - pour it up (remix) (ft. young jeezy, rick ross, juicy j & t.i.)

Is it just me that though Ri missed a beat when she didn't have this remix as an all-female event? 

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ashanti - never should have

Why is it that independent artist Ashanti is coming out with solid, sexy single artworks, but that her album artwork is a hot ass mess?? I mean, I know this is a little dull and verging on being a lingerie catalogue shoot - that blue lipstick on the cover of 'Braveheart' has still not grown on me!

Monday, 25 March 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : cherish - going in circles

NEW VINYL ARTWORK : justin timberlake - the 20/20 experience (vinyl edition)

Now this is a nice little piece - JT has decided to give the vinyl edition of his latest release a totally original artwork (putting importance on the vintage format, which links into this album's take on classic sounds and giving them a modern day spotlight). Set your sights on the cover below:

Saturday, 23 March 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : eva simons - chemistry (LQ)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : stooshe - slip

'Slip' will serve as a reboot single from the girls delayed, self-titled album. The artwork shows them looking just as they did when they first burst onto the music scene - it's funny to see their styling has returned to their original looks, will they be keeping with their more recognisable visuals until they get the success they deserve? 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicki minaj - high school (ft. lil wayne) (LQ)

A low quality version of Nicki's latest single artwork has appeared - featuring a behind the scenes shot from the up coming video.

Monday, 18 March 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : angel - the world

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : rye rye - after party

Keeping it bright 'n' fun - Rye Rye revealed her latest single artwork for 'After Party':

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : cassie - rocka bye baby

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : - that power (ft. justin bieber)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : the saturdays - what about us (ft. sean paul)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : misha b - here's to everything

Mish originally posted a buzz artwork for the track the other week and has now revealed the official cover - I think it's a video still from the upcoming visual, but she's whippin' that weave like it ain't no thang, so I'm catered to :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : beyoncé - bow down/i been on

Bey unveiled a new buzz track (or is it two buzz tracks mashed together?) - complete with a tumblr-fied artwork featuring a baby B and a multitude of trophies.

Friday, 8 March 2013

NEW SINGLE & REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : jessie ware - sweet talk & if you're never gonna move (single and T.I.P. remix)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : carly rae jepsen - tonight i'm getting over you

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : azealia banks - yung rapunxel

British visual artist Jam Sutton revealed Ms. Banks' new single artwork for single 'Yung Rapunxel' - from upcoming debut album. It's loud, lairy and feels like a throwback to a vintage Missy Elliott/Hype Williams video... I love it!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : chrisette michele - charades (ft. 2chainz)

NEW EP ARTWORK : solange - true (opening ceremony special edition)

Everyone's favourite Knowles sister (oooh, controversial!) is about to release her 'True' EP in physical form. To celebrate, she has teamed up with the vuury stylish boutique chain 'Opening Ceremony' and New York artist Mickalene Thomas to create a limited edition artwork. This new cover will be used for a small run of copies sold exclusively on the 'Opening Ceremony' website and mine is already pre-ordered!

p.s. Check out the original artwork here.

Monday, 4 March 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : amelia lily - party over (?)

UPDATE : Check the official cover here.

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : little boots - nocturnes

I've been meaning to post this new album cover for some time and everytime I looked at it I thought it was a primary-coloured human I've finally come to post it, I see it's three images of Little Boots herself. Silly Simon! Tuck in below...

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : m.i.a. - matangi

Everyone's fave M.I.A. has uploaded an 8-minute mix tape titled after her forthcoming album 'Matangi' and has given it (what else) but a low-fi, kitschy artwork :) She is the queen of this visual and I always enjoy seeing what she'll produce next.

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : fantasia - side effects of you

As previously reported, Fantasia accidentally leaked her album cover a little early (and a little low quality...) - BUT! Now the official track listing has been announced and so has a proper HQ version of the artwork. She's still serving us that Josephine Baker, ghetto-fab Vogue magazine cover - I love it and couldn't be more excited for a new album from her!

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : skylar grey - don't look down

Wow Skylar's taking a risk here! Going for a moody, "a desperate Desperate Housewife" look - including washer/dryer and axe... - Sky has decided to not include any type, neither her name or album title. simonsez definitely approves! I love when an artist takes a bit of a risk with a look and I'm sure that the rest of the artwork would follow suit. I do see this as a gamble though, as some would say her name is the only thing that has carried her solo efforts so far, as she hasn't made much impact with her single releases. Here's hoping the album doesn't get pushed back and we get to hear what the release has to offer!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ciara - body party

That new blonde weave Cici has been rocking this era has put her in a very Marilyn Monroe mood, methinks - now recreating the original blonde bombshell's classic white bed sheets photoshoot for new single artwork 'Body Party'.