Thursday, 24 February 2011

NEW REMIX ALBUM ARTWORK : ke$ha - i am the dance commander & i command you to dance : the remix album

lengthy title...but i can't deny a remix album!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jennifer hudson - where you at


Sunday, 20 February 2011

LIMITED EDITION : mariah carey - merry christmas II you

this was one of the presents i received for Christmas 2010, thought i'd share it with you. it's a pretty solid limited edition, well made and looks fantastic. lets have a look....

front (of packaging)


back (of packaging)

contents (CD, photo album, Christmas tree butterfly ornament and gift tags)

front (42 page photo album)



a small sample of a good ol' Carey Christmas!

front (of CD)

back (of CD)

inside insert..extended cover picture!

photography by David Lachapelle <3

front (of butterfly ornament slide case)

Christmas tree butterfly ornament

no faults with this limited edition, it has originality, novelty and is well crafted, was so happy to open it Christmas morning! this kind of dedication to fans and limited editions (especially just for a holiday album) really speaks volumes for Carey and her team. Job well done!

originality : 8.5/10
materials : 8/10
design : 9/10
the music! : 6/10
overall : 8/10

rarity : moderate, available via amazon, mariah's own website, but only limited numbers

Saturday, 19 February 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : keri hilson - one night stand (ft. chris brown)

love this album ("no boys allowed"). quite surprised this is the next single choice, maybe mr. brown's feature is part of the reason? i wish she had stronger artwork though. none of her covers have ever jumped out at me.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

WEBSITE : iconic covers recreated in LEGO!

artist aaron savage has recreated iconic covers, completely in LEGO! can you guess what they are?

...and some of my faves...

check him out:

Thursday, 3 February 2011

NEW EP ARTWORK : beth ditto - beth ditto EP

b&w. never fails.

LIMITED EDITION : nicki minaj - pink friday (TARGET deluxe edition with t-shirt)

i was so excited for this album to come out, it seemed the buzz around minaj was massive for so long, i couldn't wait to see what she served up. so when i found out a deluxe package was being released it took a lot of will power to wait for the deluxe to be released (almost two weeks after the release date PLUS two weeks delivery from the USA to me!). unfortunately the package doesn't reflect the originality and craft(wo)manship that minaj's music has come to be associated with. let's have a look:

front (of packaging)

back (of packaging)

side (of packaging),  i do like that there is a strong visual theme throughout the packaging and CD, from colours, images and typography.


front (of t-shirt)

back (of t-shirt)

front (of CD)

back (of CD)

back (of fold-out)

front (of booklet)

bad points . . i!dislike!fold-outs!!!!!. . . for me, i feel it's sloppy, the pictures get clumped together, you are given a "poster", which no one (not even a 13 year old) would use on their bedroom wall and it feels so unoriginal. i feel it is especially sloppy of minaj's team as she is an artist of such visual potential, the photographs are amazing, but a booklet, set out with lyrics, would look so much better and feel more high-fashion/highly stylised, which it feels the "pink friday" is being marketed as. (also i do not like that when you open up, everything is upside down until you fold out fully)

ALSO this limited edition feels more like a novelty, rather than a piece of artwork, down to the fact the card is simply so thin and flimsy. it arrived on my doorstep ripped, but i do not believe it was the post office's fault, but the fact the piece is just too fragile.

originality : 4/10
materials : 4/10
design : 6/10
the music! : 8/10
overall : 5.5/10

rarity : rare, sold out at target, as it was a limited time offer, now only available on eBay, selling quite highly