Sunday, 30 October 2011

PREVIEW : lady gaga - born this way (collector's edition)

so...guess what arrived in the post... simonsez will be posting a full cover-to-cover of this beautiful limited edition piece soon.

UPDATE :  check out my full post here

click on the "my editions" tag below to see my other limited edition posts...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : porcelain black - naughty naughty

her debut single 'what rock'n'roll looks like (ft. lil wayne)' didn't do too much damage on the charts, but her visuals/style/general 'tude have always interested me...and hopefully second single 'naughty naughty' will get the attention it deserves :)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

RANDOM : pixie lott's 'young foolish happy' era artwork!

so, as regular readers may know i've not been too happy about the confusion over her latest era's artwork... BUT she has brought the heat with the official covers! strong theme, purdy pictures, hot type, you know that's what simonsez likes :) so i decided to get them all together and show them off in all their glory!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : drake - the real her (ft. lil wayne) (?)

another "?" post! this cover is so different from the rest of drake's 'take care' era it real? as always, will update when it becomes clear :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly rowland - down for whatever (lq) (?)

this is the cover that has appeared on the itunes pre-order page, it's sooo different to the rest of the era's artwork, so is it real? will update soon...

UPDATE : hq version is here

Friday, 28 October 2011

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : jessie j - who you are (platinum & deluxe editions) (re-release)

everyone loves a re-release! the 'platinum edition' is basically the standard form, including the original album, new single 'domino' and two brand new songs ('shadow' and 'laserlight', premiered exclusively on her latest tour!). the set will also include: "sleeve notes + exclusive pictures from Jessie's personal collection"... i'm assuming that means an expanded booklet!

the 'deluxe edition' includes all of the above PLUS a DVD of all this era's videos, interviews and 6 live performances.  liking the idea of the new artwork, there looks like a sheen to the covers and a foil coating on the "jessie j" logo (depending on what edition it is: silver for the 'platinum' and gold for the 'deluxe'). excited?

NEW LOGO ARTWORK : little boots

she's baaaack! about to head on a worldwide DJ tour and also recently releasing the audio of new single 'shake till your heart breaks'...artwork to follow :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jennifer hudson - i got this (lq)

there are still singles being released from this album?!? will update when a high quality version arises.

NEW LIVE ALBUM ARTWORK : adele - live at the royal albert hall

this is the cover artwork for the DVD version of the release, i'm assuming they'll be cropping it down to fit the CD cover. can't wait to hear the live versions!!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : james morrison - up (ft. jessie j)

song is nice enough... artwork is dull as dishwater :/ loved that type when he originally used it (three albums ago), spice it up james!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

DISCOVERED : jessie and the toy boys - let's get naughty

i originally posted about one of the newest up-and-coming pop gals a while back when she recorded with doctor rosen rosen. now she's releasing her latest (and hottest to date!) single, 'let's get naughty'. the artwork is a pretty straightforward affair (getting a feel of madge's 'celebration'/greatest hits' artwork), love that logo especially!

here's some of her earlier artwork (her debut EP and a remix cover):

and that dee-lightful logo!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicole scherzinger - try with me

video still as cover artwork = boring!.. and with my feelings for her artwork this era being quite "meh" anyway, she's not helping herself... thank god the music's good!

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : pixie lott - what do you take me for (ft. pusha-t)

HERE IT IS! finally...after a false start, here is the official single artwork:

(after all the confusion with her covers... she's winning me round by having them look so darn purdy!)

Monday, 24 October 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : will young - come on

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : david guetta - without you (ft. usher)

so a whiiiile back (july) i posted (wrongly) about the 'without you' artwork... and here is the official cover :D. loving all these covers for the 'nothing but the beat' era!! simple, graphic and damn good!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : pixie lott - young foolish happy (deluxe edition) (?)

so, i originally posted about the MAJAH CONFUSION over pixie's artwork for this era so far... and now a deluxe edition version of the 'young foolish happy' album has surfaced... is it real? what's with the sloppiness of the artwork unveiling? i will update when things become clear...if they ever do...

p.s. on a lighter note, i am loving the visuals that are surfacing though haha, don't get me wrong! just want to know what's official and what's not...don't want to be bringing you any fan-mades!!

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : gym class heroes - papercut chronicles II

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : rebecca ferguson - heaven

i had posted her single artwork earlier in the week and now the album artwork has arisen as well :) love the image, love the colours, love the kinda "photo shoot" effects around the edges...hate how generic the type is, sorry bex... but century gothic is in the hands of any microsoft word user...STEP THAT TYPE GAME UP!

UPDATE : so another cover has surfaced...on amazon and other sites where the album can be pre-ordered, is one the standard and the other the deluxe edition artwork?

UPDATE 2 : although it doesn't appear on either of the covers, the album is to be titled 'heaven'.

UPDATE 3 : the album's title has been added to the artwork. check that, and a little added rant by simonsez, out here

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : beyoncé - party (ft. j. cole)

and the bee train keeps chugging onnnnnn! love that j. cole is on the single mix :D and snaps for her following through with all these single artworks linking to the album's booklet artwork!

Friday, 21 October 2011

NEW ALBUM & BACK COVER ARTWORK : joss stone - the best of...2003-2009

supposedly not happy with the the original title "super super hits: the best of..." (calling it "cheesy" and saying "what hits?!"... love joss!), the greatest hits package has been retitled and finally released, check it outtt...

also found the back cover... really love when multiple different types are used together (well!), reminds me of this lil' slice as well.

NEW REMIX ALBUM ARTWORK : lady gaga - born this way (the remix & the collection)

so excited for this to be released! firstly 'the remix' artwork, a one CD remix album and then secondly 'the collection', including the original 'born this way' album, 'born this way the remix' album and the 'monsterball tour' DVD. too good.

p.s. i've sad it before, i'll say it again... love this whole of her visuals this era, they are giving me lifffe!! :D so unique within each one, but such a strong link throughout them all.

no words. (except this one...AY-MAY-ZANG.)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

! updated ! NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : nicole scherzinger - killer love (re-release)

i had originally posted about the potential artwork for the re-release for 'killer love'... and unfortunately my fears came true...they basically kept the original cover and re-hashed the logos :/

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NEW ALBUM & SINGLE ARTWORK : rizzle kicks - stereo typical & down with the trumpets & when i was a youngster

love these guys, really fresh and fun and talented to boot :)

and i've just been so wrapped up in listening to their music i never posted the single artworks...duhh!

thurrr you go :)

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : one direction - up all night (limited yearbook edition)

said to include "2 extra tracks, photos, facts and plenty of insider info not available on the standard edition"... signed versions of this edition are also available for a limited time from their website.

check out the standard edition here.
check out the hmv exclusive individual slipcases for the album as well!

! updated ! NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : the saturdays - on your radar (hmv exclusive slipcases)

originally posted low quality versions of the hmv exclusive covers, here they are in full, lovely, clear as day high quality :D

p.s. one of the MANY reasons to love pop can have a "favourite member" :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : one direction - gotta be you

all these singles and the album cover will sit verrry nicely together, simple visual theme running through them all, but does the job of feeling like a complete era of artwork!
p.s. anyone remember the should've been a single from sugababes' 'taller in more ways' called 'gotta be you'?..

UPDATE : there seems to be a version 2 of the cover as well...harking back to the old days of CD 1 and CD 2 editions :D

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

RANDOM : first images of lady gaga's - born this way (collector's edition)'

UPDATE : check out my HQ, cover to cover post on this beautiful edition here

it's nearly herrrre!! :D the 9 x 12" vinyl, limited edition box set is being released on november 8th and it's been a long wait since all the little monsters pre-ordered it and uploaded their photo to the fan mosaic in may...FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE BEAUTIES (including some never-before seen images from the nick knight 'born this way' photo shoot)!