Monday, 3 October 2011

NEW ALBUM & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : the saturdays - on your radar (standard & deluxe fan edition)

and they do it again! loveeee this era's artwork <3 graphical, beautiful and slightly like a macs cosmetics advert...:D also, reminiscent of this little somethin' somethin'...

AND the sats' are also moving into limited edition territory for the first time! love the look of this, it will include  a signed copy of the album and a copy of their 'headlines tour' DVD, all housed in a delightful decorative box :) (this is the initial art for the edition, though it could change). there is also talk of exclusively selling the album with slipcases with each girl on, so you can purchase your 'una version' or 'frankie version' etc etc etc.

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