Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : nicole scherzinger - killer love (re-release) (?)

UPDATE : my guess was right (unfortunately), check out the full cover here

nicks released the new video for latest single 'try with me' earlier today, it will act as the lead single for the forthcoming re-release of the 'killer love' album. an e-mail was sent out to fans announcing the re-release and that it was set to include 'try with me' and the 50 cent remix of 'right there', as well as two unheard songs: 'trust me i lie' and 'tomorrow never lies'. the e-mail also contained this image (below), is it the new artwork? new logo?...hopefully not, i was hoping my prayers would be answered that they'd take the artwork in a completely new (and better) direction...

one thing i am sure of is that the e-mail included the new "nicole scherzinger" logo type, that she'll be using for the re-release era, compared to the one from the original album and single artworks (below) you can see slight differences..she's taking it to "the next level" :)

the 'killer love' type seems to be legit as well...feels like a throwback to her logo from the doomed 'her name is nicole' days...

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