Saturday, 29 December 2012

DISCOVERED : laura mvula

Appearing on many a "One to watch in 2013" list - Laura Mvula is going to be a name you will be hearing a lot in the next year. For me, I've been playing her single 'She' on repeat and so I decided I would post the artworks she has so far and pledge to keep posting about her as she ascends to stardom!

Debut album 'Sing To The Moon' is out now:

ALSO! Check out the mini videos created for some of her album's tracks, edited to look like a paper flip book - a beautiful visual to accompany the effortless sounds she has created.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicole scherzinger - boomerang

Good lawd this is awful. 

So awful in fact I felt that the "5 ways in which Nicole Scherzinger's 'Boomerang' artwork is awful" rundown, was necessary....

1) That logo. Why are they still trying to make that logo work? It's use in the 'Killer Love' era wasn't iconic enough to then use it like it's a recognisable monogram, that must be stamped on everything associated with her... 

2) The over saturated lip look. Not since her tacky "Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails" endorsement has she had such a fashion related fail... 

3) That awkward box around "Boomerang". At first glance I thought it was a watermark from an over-enthusastic all things Aussie-related website. The boxing of type reminds me of the artist Example as well...never good.

4) Awkward brush marks + 5) Awkwardly coloured brush marks. What in the hell was the designer thinking?

"Hey! I want to make fans feel it's really easy to recreate this cover, lets use an effect that any Tom, Dick or Harry can get his hands on...and colour it purple and green."

A mess. Probably winner of 2012's worst cover...well done Scherzy.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : justin bieber - believe acoustic

Well this is a photoshopped mess...why have they put his head from another picture onto this body?!

Friday, 21 December 2012

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : misha b - knock knock

Here is the cover of Misha's second mixtape 'Knock Knock' - designed by a fan, who won a competition run on her official website.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : enur - i'm that chick (rune rk remix) (ft. nicki minaj & goonrock)

Nicki's verse from the 2008 song 'Ucci Ucci' has been given a makeover in the form of new remix 'I'm That Chick (Rune RK Remix)' - check the simple artwork below:

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : fantasia - lose to win

Fanny is on her way back! The American Idol alumni unveiled a new song today and the retro-sounding mid tempo (a la Tina Turner) was accompanied by some equally retro-looking artwork. So excited to hear her voice on something new :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : jojo - agápē

I will always ride or die for JoJo, for realll! An artist who deserves so much more success than she has had in recent years, due to her multiple set backs and label issues. She has decided to not keep fans waiting any longer and has released a new mixtape 'Agápē' (which means "unconditional love" in ancient Greek) - check out the artwork below, which features her puppy (also called Agápē)...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : angel - in between time

With each release, Angel is growing on me more and more - the B-side to 'Time After Time' titled 'Ride Or Die (ft. Misha B)' is so good! - here is the artwork for up coming mixtape 'In Between Time'.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : the wanted - third strike

And the second bland Pop band cover art of the evening :/ EVERYONE NEEDS TO STEP IT THE HELL UP!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : the saturdays - what about us

I love, love, love The Saturdays...but I'm sorry this looks like an advert for ASOS. Where's the high fashion poses of the 'On Your Radar' era? Or at least the balls to the walls use of colour of previous eras?? This is so bland and it makes me worry for their first impression over in the US (when their E! reality series launches next month).

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : little mix - change your life

With the look they've gone for with their debut album's releases it at times verges on a little childish looking - the artwork for 'Wings' got the balance right, of bright colours, but still a cool edge. This artwork (for new single 'Change Your Life') feels a little too preschool for my taste... maybe too much baby blue and pink?

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly clarkson - get up (a cowboys anthem)

RCA have decided to re-release this track as a promo single, probably to drum up more buzz around Kells' recent greatest hits album.

It was originally a Pepsi promo son for the NFL, below is the original artwork:

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : kimberley walsh - centre stage

As Girls Aloud's 10th anniversary reunion heats up, Kimberley has decided to use this opportunity (and her exposure on UK's Strictly Come Dancing) to release her collection of show tunes, musical theatres numbers and a couple of original songs - titled 'Centre Stage'.

Also check out the behind the scenes of the artwork photoshoot, as Kimberley gets into the "vintage Hollywood glamour" character:

DISCOVERED : jessie ware

In the UK, most people will have heard Jessie Ware's name spoken or written about (she's appeared on many "Next Big Thing" lists and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize) but probably haven't checked her out. I was one of those (silly) people, I kept seeing her artworks all over sites and eventually thought that if this chick's music is as interestingly quiet and beautiful as these covers, then I'mma like me some her! I went out and bought her 'Devotion' album and have had it on repeat for weeks - so here is a post catching us all up on her cover art and giving snaps to the wonderful Ms. Jessie Ware.

Her debut album is titled 'Devotion' and was released in two different type versions. One in gold...

...and one in black.


'110%' - this was the artwork that really kept catching my eye and made me get up, get out and buy the album. I love how tranquil the image and type come across, it's really beautiful.

'Wildest Moments'

'Night Light'

'No To Love'

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : skylar grey - c'mon let me ride (ft. eminem)

Skylar has released her new single ('C'mon Let Me Ride')'s artwork as a .GIF to coincide with the release of it's music video (go check it out, it's full of P!nk's 'Stupid Girls'-realness). Hop on her bike below:

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : amelia lily - shut up (and give me whatever you got)

This is what I like to call (I've never said this before, but it could be a thing haha) a solid-as-fuck-Pop-artwork! Love the doubled up image, love the pose she's pulling, love the hand rendered type. It's a certified solid-as-fuck-Pop-artwork.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

SHOOTING THE ARTWORK : aubrey o' day - between two evils

Aubz is getting ready to release an EP of new material before the end of this year titled 'Between Two Evils' and today pictures arose from the artwork photoshoot. Peep Ms. O'Day in her bondage-style outfit above and below...

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : david guetta - nothing but the beat ultimate

Ahh, Dave - we all accepted the 'Nothing But The Beat 2.0' re-release...but a new version where you just add the '1.0' and '2.0' versions together and call it 'Ultimate' :/ I'm not here for that!

Friday, 7 December 2012

NEW EP ARTWORK : katy b - danger

Featuring contributions from Jessie Ware and Iggy Azalea, this free EP is dripping with that good-good...the artwork leaves a little to be desired, but the music is flawless.

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : chrisette michele - audrey hepburn : an audiovisual presentation

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : moxiie - savage

Her album art has been designed by underground artist GREATeclectic, loving the more edgy take on visuals Mox is going with :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : carly rae jepsen - almost said it

After the announcement of her Grammy nominations, CRJ has announced the next single 'Almost Said It'. The art is a bit of a snooze-fest... nice brick work though!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jls - hold me down (give me life)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : david guetta - just one last time (ft. taped rai) & she wolf (falling to pieces) (ft. sia)

So the 'Nothing But The Beat' juggernaut is still rolling on as David releases the next single from the album - 'Just One Last Time'. I think all the releases from the '2.0' version of the album feature different backgrounds - whether they're connected to the song or video I'm not sure...

Also, just realised I had not posted the last single's artwork from months ago....hurrrrr it is!

! updated ! NEW SINGLE & LOGO ARTWORK : skylar grey - c'mon let me ride (ft. eminem)

Said to sample Queen's hit 'Bicycle' - Skylar is coming at us from a different visual angle (from the gloomy, clothed goth-pop chick) to a sexed up, bikini-top-n-daisy-dukes-in-a-mud-puddle, can't wait to see if her sound has altered too...

UPDATE : Sky has also released a new logo to go with the Red Neck-realness of a video she has planned for the song:

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : tamar braxton - love and war

Hmmmm... love that the song is getting lots of attention (it shot to number 1 on the main US iTunes chart in one day...which is unheard of for an R&B song) but for me the artwork is still a mess. Quickly the "square version" has appeared, after the song originally included the artwork as a freaking rectangle. But now we have some awkwardly cropped-ness going on with the new image (her head's nearly clean off!) also it's now in colour when the b'n'w worked better and they're still trying to make that awful typeface happen...everybody now...IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

BUT - as I said before, whatever brings R&B back to the forefront is a winner to me, so congrats to Tamar and let's hope she continues to create gems like this song.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : melanie amaro - long distance

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : tamar braxton - love and war

UPDATE : They've updated the artwork...still isn't great...check it here!

TODAY I HAVE HAD THIS SONG ON REPEAAAAT! Toni's youngest sister, Tamar, has finally unleashed her new song and it is a straight up, R&B slow jam killa - I can't get enough of it!! I can get enough of that mishapen artwork though...gurl, iTunes only lets you have a square, so make it 500x500 or nothin'!

p.s. Yes, the typefaces are generic messes too, but if she's saving R&B with this song - I really don't care!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : leona lewis - lovebird

As her 'Glassheart' album was pushed back from it's original release date it has made this era feel very drawn out. Usually I'm one for saying that a consistent visual look to artwork is key, but as Leona's has been constant...but also kind of constantly boring...I feel like I'm over this album :/ Personally I think she should just release the title track, to revitalise this campaign!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ashlee simpson - bat for a heart

So the better Simpson sister is about to embark on her comeback to the music scene - bursting out the gate with 'Bat For A Heart'. The song is killer...the artwork is filler. That type?!? I was hoping this was some awful fan made! It ruins that flawless b'n'w photo, with all it's ratchet, 70s computer looking-ness...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : charli xcx - cloud aura

The artwork may not give much away, but this song has been on repeat for me for weeks - can't get enough of Ms. XcX!