Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DISCOVERED : nikki williams - kill fuck marry & glowing

I haven't done a "Discovered" in some time, so I thought I'd bring back the section starting with a new favourite of mine called Nikki Williams. She was a songwriter signed by Island Music Records - but has now been taken on as a fully fledged artist and I believe she's one to watch in 2013! First single 'Kill Fuck Marry''s title may sound like a bad dating show, but give it a spin (especially while watching the Lana Del Rey-esque video) and I bet you'll like it :) Visuals-wise she is a mixed bag, as I said the video to the song is delicious, but this artwork is poor...too much focus on that "yin yang heart" tattoo of hers, methinks... and a backwards letter within a logo is a pet hate of mine...but for real, the song is good enough to ignore those annoyances!!

Second single is set to be the (slightly more) radio friendly song 'Glowing' - again, the artwork lets it down, but give it a spin as I truly believe you'll be hearing more from her in the new year!

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