Friday, 7 December 2012

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : tamar braxton - love and war

Hmmmm... love that the song is getting lots of attention (it shot to number 1 on the main US iTunes chart in one day...which is unheard of for an R&B song) but for me the artwork is still a mess. Quickly the "square version" has appeared, after the song originally included the artwork as a freaking rectangle. But now we have some awkwardly cropped-ness going on with the new image (her head's nearly clean off!) also it's now in colour when the b'n'w worked better and they're still trying to make that awful typeface happen...everybody now...IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

BUT - as I said before, whatever brings R&B back to the forefront is a winner to me, so congrats to Tamar and let's hope she continues to create gems like this song.

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