Friday, 31 August 2012

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : carly rae jepsen - kiss (deluxe edition)

The deluxe edition of 'Kiss' will feature four brand new songs and this delicious, re-coloured artwork :)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : alicia keys - girl on fire

After unveiling the striking artwork for her new 'Girl On Fire' album - Ms. Swizz Beatz has carried on the newly found high-fashion look for her new single artwork, also title 'Girl On Fire'.

NEW ALBUM & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : brandy - two eleven (standard & deluxe edition)

The album I am sooooo excited about being released this year is Bran-Bran, Bran-Nu, B. Rocka aka Ms. Brandy :) 'Two Eleven' (named after the date of Bran's birthday and also the date her mentor and friend Whitney Houston passed away) will be released October 16th and simonsez is counting down the days...

NEW ALBUM & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : one direction - take me home (standard & yearbook edition)

So the 1D train is about to embark on album number 2...get ready for the fans to crayyy! Here's the artwork for that sophomore release:

And just like the first album, this one will also be released in a deluxe format, known as the 'Yearbook Edition' - it isn't clear yet whether it'll include more music or a DVD of exclusive content. I'll update when we know :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : professor green - avalon (ft. sierra kusterbeck)

RANDOM : has lady gaga revealed the visual direction for 'ARTPOP'?

So this all starts with more Terry Richardson photos being unveiled (the photographer who helped Ms. Germanotta with her photo book 'Gaga' last year and who has been photographing the behind the scenes of the 'Born This Way Ball Tour') and one of the images shows this scene:

Nothing too special here, you think? Sure Gargs is looking faboose, all made up to perform at the best night of many Lil Monsters' lives - but it's nothing new. Right? RIGHT?...

Wrong! Look in the top left of the mirror:

So, eagle eyed fans pestered Gargs to fill us in on what this image was - a new artwork maybe?? She then released this image on

Accompanied by this statement:

"i found this image. i want to study and re-interpet this pose. it feels like the music. dancing, clean, full of energy, balanced and mysterious. but most of all its elegance is so art pop. am i a rich russian princess turned popstar?"

But some Monsters began to express their worry that the next albums visuals would be black and white, much like 'Born This Way', when 'ARTPOP' feels like a more colourful era. She replied:

"yes will be color, album is color full"

WOW! So much to think about and get excited for with this era!! The image (a photograph from a "Vanity Fair" issue in 1953, by Mark Shaw FYI) will be an inspiration for Gaga and gives us an idea of what sort of music videos/artworks will be unveiled in the future - hopefully something with the essence of this photograph. Also - is that type she's used going to be seen again?

Get excited Monsters :P

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : enrique iglesias - finally found you (ft. sammy adams)

Enrique gives us some baby photo-realness on his latest single artwork - is it just me or does he look like Mariah Carey? It's not just me is it? Is it?...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : bridget kelly - special delivery

UPDATE : Check out the official artwork here!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : cher lloyd - with ur love (US version)

So, Cher's US edition of 'Sticks & Stones' unveiled a welcome new visual direction, seemingly more adult-looking than what was shown in the UK version. This new visual can be seen on the cover of second US single 'With Ur Love' - interestingly, this version doesn't feature Mike Posner, someone who isn't unknown in the States. simonsez likes it, do you?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nervo & hook n sling - reason

I am only posting this as my gals Nervo are attached to it...this artwork DOES NOT get a simonsez seal of is a certified hot mess.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : missy elliott - triple threat

MISSYISCOMINGBACK!! YESS!! Her new single will be called 'Triple Threat' and the artwork below is said to be the cover for rapper's long-awaited comeback.

(Artwork Source :

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : mariah carey - triumphant (get 'em) (pulse remix (extended) & vintage throwback mix)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : - reach for the stars

Very much in the same visual theme as the 'This Is Love (Afrojack Remix)' single artwork - will is definitely putting emphasis on that new logo of his for this era! The "Mars Edition" refers to the fact that the song is having it's premiere streamed live from the NASA "Curiosity" Rover which is on the surface of Mars right if that isn't an original marketing ploy, I don't know what is! Well done Mr :P

Monday, 27 August 2012

NEWS : k.row is shooting her 4th album artwork!

Kelly Rowland tweeted: "Girlllllll it's an ALBUM SHOOT." accompanied by the image below...the 4th album be coming, get excited!

NEW ALBUM & SINGLE ARTWORK : agnes - veritas & all i want is you

Whoever is putting together Agnes' artwork for this era deserves a medal and I doth my cap to them. Check out the album and new single cover below to see what I mean - and also the defining artwork for 'One Last Time' - each one feels like a major step forward for Agnes and gets me so excited for the accompanying sounds :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : t-pain - don't you quit

Pain takes it back to the days of 8-bit with his artwork for first single 'Don't You Quit', off up coming mixtape 'Stoic'.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kat deluna - wanna see u dance (la la la)


NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : alicia keys - girl on fire

2012 is going to be an epic year for comebacks. Mariah, Christina, Brandy and now Alicia. Here is the artwork for new album 'Girl On Fire' - loving the change in image, the new direction of album title and theme... GO MS. KEYS!!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : rebecca ferguson - backtrack

Bex's latest single will be the song added to the US version of 'Heaven', called 'Backtrack'. Check out the artwork below:

p.s. Goodness, that use of Century Gothic type hasn't grown on me...can't wait for her to ditch it for the next album's artwork!

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : - #willpower (LQ)

Check out the (low quality for now) album cover for will's latest '#willpower' - seriously, with that album title, is he hoping to be trending for like the next year or something? - at first glance, I'm thinking of it like a "Nike - Just Do It"-type advert :/ Do we think it'll be a grower?

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : keke palmer - dance alone

NEW MIXTAPE ARTWORK : tinashe - reverie

Can I just say one thing - though it may become two or three things, so sit tight - how is it that an unsigned* act like Ms. Tinashe can create solid visuals (i.e. any music video she has starred in) and beautiful artwork (such as below, her latest mixtape cover) completely funded by herself, with no major label backing....while some can have nowhere near as much of an eye for design or talent for creativity, but still be funded to design products that

#TeamTinashe :P

*Well actually, a recently signed act - but all her creative deeds were done before she put her name on the dotted line.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : usher - dive

Has anyone else been thinking that Ush's single covers have been better than the 'Looking 4 Myself' album artwork? (Seriously, those of us who bought the physical copy of the album also know how basic the inside design's baaaaaasic as all hell! I just think they could have done a lot more with the concept of the "illustrated tattoos" is all.)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : brandy - wildest dreams

Bran-Bran werrrrk! Loving the image, living for the colours, liking her new logo, hating the "Wildest Dreams" type - that averages out at a decent artwork :) So excited for 'Two Eleven', the album!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : leona lewis - trouble (ft. childish gambino)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : trey songz - hail mary (ft. young jeezy & lil wayne)

Not as classy as other artworks from his 'Chapter V' era - The "illustrated" cover always treads a fine line between looking good or looking shit, you decide what side Trey's latest falls on...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ciara - sorry

So the C-Squad did it, check out the recently unveiled new artwork below! Is that an updated Cici logo I'm spying?? :P

And here's that delicious logo for you too :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : faith evans - tears of joy

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nelly furtado - parking lot

Is it just me or is Nelstar's latest promo campaign going a bit off the rails? :/ I'm excited for the album, but everything feels a little disjointed and thrown together...Here's the latest artwork for promo single 'Parking Lot'.

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : cher lloyd - sticks & stones (US version)

I've found it so interesting to see how they've branded Cher over in the US - it looks like they are toning down the "brattish"/youngness and turning up the hot tamale/young ladyness! (Just compare this US version of the album cover to the UK edition released last year...). Liking the update to her logo too - snaps for Ms. Lloyd.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : tinchy stryder - help me

Monday, 20 August 2012


Here is probably the most intriguing artwork-related story I've found since coming back from holiday...the new Pink artwork has leaked by accident! Popjustice has reported that the photographer/designer Andrew Macpherson accidentally uploaded the artwork for next single 'Try' before hastily deleting it. Luckily for us though some beady-eyed Pink fans managed to hit the "Copy" button :) Macpherson has been a long time collaborator of Pink, designing covers for 'Try This', 'I'm Not Dead', 'The Hits...So Far!' & latest album 'The Truth About Love (check them all out here).

p.s. Anyone getting serious vibes of Kylie's 'X' artwork?

NEW PROMO PIC : aaliyah posthumous album

Now if you surf through music blogs as much as I do, I'm sure you'll have heard all the chit-chat about the up coming posthumous Aaliyah album (which will feature use of b-sides and unreleased tracks and heavy input from long time fan Drake). A single has already surfaced ('Enough Said') with an artwork also - now, I'm unsure if this is a single or album artwork, so until I'm more certain I'm leaving it as a promo pic.

RANDOM : help cici unlock her new single artwork!

UPDATE : See the fully unveiled artwork here!

Head over to Ciara's Facebook page (click here) as she is asking for fan's help in unlocking her new single artwork for 'Sorry' - by liking and sharing a pixelated image of it. So far, the C-Squad has managed to clear it up to this:

Yum :)

! updated ! NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : no doubt - push and shove

So after originally thinking that this type-heavy artwork was the new album cover for No Doubt's return to music, I come back from holiday and find that the one below is in fact the official sleeve. I'm getting some BEP/'Boom Boom Pow' vibes personally and glad they've kept that original typeface..yum yum yum!

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : carly rae jepsen - kiss

I don't think anyone has been more pleased to see pure-Pop doing well in the charts, as I am - this cover feels like a throwback to 80s/90s Pop classics and I love it!

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : emeli sandé - our version of events (re-release)

Em will be re-releasing her debut album in October including new songs and new artwork (see below, if you hadn't already guessed...). I have enjoyed how thorough Ms. Sandé's visuals have been for this era, but I'm wondering where she'll take it for album number 2...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : labrinth - treatment

Sunday, 19 August 2012

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly rowland - ice (ft. lil wayne)

Thank goodness this previously posted cover wasn't the song's official artwork, it was awful! This is still ambiguous, but holds some more of a design flair - just like the song, it is sexy, but subtle. (Not sure how I feel on the contrast of blue and pink colours though, those shades skate too closely to the palette used for the 'Here I Am' era.)

NEW ALBUM & SINGLE ARTWORK : taylor swift - red & we are never ever getting back together

Ooooh, look who's ditched her handwritten logo of yore and decided to rebrand as her "young adult self...Ms. Taylor Swift, that's who :) Check out the visual for the ambiguously-titled album 'Red' below...

Also, award for "Best Single Title 2012" goes to the album's lead release 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' - BOOM!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : melanie amaro - love me now

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ellie goulding - anything could happen

Still going with the minimalist approach with the 'Halcyon' era, check out Ellie's latest official single artwork below:

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : neon hitch - gold (ft. tyga)

Not as delightful as her previous artwork, but it'll do - still loving her logo, but the rest of the type feels a little clumpy to me.