Thursday, 30 August 2012

RANDOM : has lady gaga revealed the visual direction for 'ARTPOP'?

So this all starts with more Terry Richardson photos being unveiled (the photographer who helped Ms. Germanotta with her photo book 'Gaga' last year and who has been photographing the behind the scenes of the 'Born This Way Ball Tour') and one of the images shows this scene:

Nothing too special here, you think? Sure Gargs is looking faboose, all made up to perform at the best night of many Lil Monsters' lives - but it's nothing new. Right? RIGHT?...

Wrong! Look in the top left of the mirror:

So, eagle eyed fans pestered Gargs to fill us in on what this image was - a new artwork maybe?? She then released this image on

Accompanied by this statement:

"i found this image. i want to study and re-interpet this pose. it feels like the music. dancing, clean, full of energy, balanced and mysterious. but most of all its elegance is so art pop. am i a rich russian princess turned popstar?"

But some Monsters began to express their worry that the next albums visuals would be black and white, much like 'Born This Way', when 'ARTPOP' feels like a more colourful era. She replied:

"yes will be color, album is color full"

WOW! So much to think about and get excited for with this era!! The image (a photograph from a "Vanity Fair" issue in 1953, by Mark Shaw FYI) will be an inspiration for Gaga and gives us an idea of what sort of music videos/artworks will be unveiled in the future - hopefully something with the essence of this photograph. Also - is that type she's used going to be seen again?

Get excited Monsters :P

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