Tuesday, 31 May 2011

NEW SINGLE & REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : kylie minogue - put your hands up (if you feel love) (single & remix album)

can't get enough of that type!..but of all the beautiful pictures from the 'aphrodite' era..why this one? :/

and a pretty standard remixes cover :)

for this single cover i was visualising sometihng more along these lines:

(made by innenichi)

Monday, 30 May 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : emily osment - hush (ft. john ramsay)

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : beverley knight - soul uk

latest album of soul classics or reworkings of modern songs in a soul styling, bev deserves such amazing success, her albums are so solid and talent so unquestionable, go out and cop that!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : colette carr - we do it (primo)

the cover and/or video may be rubbish, but the keane-sampling song is soooo catchy, summer jam anyone?

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicki minaj - super bass

yeah...so the other cover i showed you was a fan-made (a cleverly misleading one at that :D), this is the real one, and a what a good one it is!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : kylie minogue - the collection : the albums (2000-2010)

new kylie boxset including all her album's from the noughties: 'light years', 'fever', 'body language', 'x' & 'aphrodite'. personally these five albums hold the best artwork of kylie's career, thanks to the design firm "adjective noun" being in control of the art direction, it's a wonderful idea to celebrate such a strong phase in her career!

check out the post on my copy here.

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : wynter gordon - with the music i die

after a lonnnng time coming, this album is finally seeing the light of day, the artwork image released shows the sticker included, holding wynter's name but not the album title, everything feels slightly disjointed,but who cares, i want me some wynter times!!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : beyoncé - 1 + 1

recently performed on american idol's finale, unclear whether this is a promo single or the next official release from the  '4' LP, either way the artwork is a pretty standard and straight forward affair...

Monday, 23 May 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicki minaj - girls fall like dominoes & did it on 'em & super bass

silly simon...i kept forgetting to post the 'girls fall like dominoes' cover...then the possible 'did it on 'em' artwork appeared...then 'super bass' popped up! not sure what's official and what's a fan-made (as minaj's team don't seem to want to release these 'singles' as singles on itunes, with cover and all...), all i do know is they keep up the frothy 'n' pink visual theme and nicks looks fierce!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : charice - louder / lost the best thing

missed me a good ol' double A side, both songs are amayyze! charice truly deserves to shine :)

NEW ALBUM & LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : kylie minogue - aphrodite (the les folies tour edition & the goddess edition)

OH MY GAGA! i have never had to compose myself before writing a post before, but today i had to take several breaths and collect my thoughts before writing all this out...so let's start with the first hot piece o' info i've got for you. enter, 'aphrodite (the les folies tour edition)' : 

it includes the original album, a remix CD and a...THIRD...CD... a megamix of the hits of 'aphrodite'. check out the back cover below:

3 CDs is usually enough to make me wet myself (i'm sorry, but vulgarity is called for when you see what's coming next!) but then comes, 'aphrodite (the goddess edition)'.... :

this isn't the final cover artwork, it's just words..but i feel this next part needs a few more moments introduction before i unveil the sheer amazingness of what's to come...

here's some preliminary images of what will be included. obviously a mini kylie...

the "final" layout, said to include behind the scenes images, costume sketches and interviews with key members in the tour's production

another one of the pop-ups, "the stage"

even the album's disc will be presented in it's own "blossoming" pop-up, if you aren't crying with glee right now..what is wrong with you?!? i think this edition will only include the original album, but with all this epic, limited edition-ness going on that does not bother me!

this is the official blog to see more behind the scenes action and preliminary sketches...

it is going to be a truly amazing piece! supposedly with only 1000 being produced and only for within australia...but i'm sure we will all find our own ways of getting our hands on a copy...

UPDATE : SHE HAS ARRIVED! check out my full post on my copy of
the limited edition (with HQ photos) here!

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : beth ditto - i wrote the book (remixes)

check out her EP artwork, it's killa!

Friday, 20 May 2011

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicole scherzinger - right there (ft. 50 cent)

really not sure if this is a fan-made or not, if it's yours please tell me :) i prefer it so much more then the other artwork haha, this whole era's artwork has been a mess in my opinion, except 'poison', that was hot tamale! though it's not held back her success, well done nicky.

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : beyoncé - run the world (girls) (urban noize remix)

massively different from the single cover...it's zoomed in slightly...you see? :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

! updated ! NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : alicia keys - songs in a minor (10th anniversary edition) (collector's edition & deluxe edition)

image of the actual artwork of the 10th anniversary edition! comes in two forms, the 2 CD/ 1 DVD collector's edition:

and the 2 CD deluxe edition (which i posted a month ago)

the editions will both contain the original album, digitally remastered and a second disc of "bonus songs from the era, alternate versions and live versions all hand-picked by alicia", the collector's edition will be housed in a 24-page oversized booklet and will contain a further 6 more bonus songs on and a DVD of a "brand new documentary: 'the making of songs in a minor' plus music videos"...excited much??

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : beyoncé - 4

reportedly being released on june 28th...hope that isn't too soon, 'who run the world (girls)' really didn't do much, don't want to see bey flopping :/

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK (?) : jojo - the other chick

a break from the gaga posts :) excited for a new jojo era! 'jumping trains' album slated for release later this year.

! updated ! NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : lady gaga - judas (the remixes)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jessie j - nobody's perfect

i forgot to post this a while back, in this day and age video stills-as-covers is lazy, though the video is visually amazing, i can sort of understand why they used it...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : katy perry - last friday night (tgif)

the actual single artwork for her latest 'teenage dream' single (one of the best songs in my opinion), kind of feeling the remixes cover slightly more, but this still carries off the humour-theme pretty well, the video is going to be insane! :)

Monday, 16 May 2011

! updated ! LIMITED EDITION : lady gaga - born this way (collector's edition)

what looks like the official artwork for each individual 12" vinyl has surfaced...even if this isn't the finished product, it definetly looks like previously unreleased images from the album's nick knight photoshoot!

LIMITED EDITION : britney spears - femme fatale (premium fan edition)

after my attempt at "teasers" for the grand unveiling of the 'femme fatale (premium fan edition)', here it is...let's dive into some prime deluxe edition-ness...click read more to see all photos!


shiny! :)


inside page

click the 'limited edition' tag below to see more posts on limited edition packing :) :

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : britney spears - i wanna go

quite predictable artwork, but loving the visual theme throughout it all :D hoping the video is crazy!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : lady gaga - hair

the second promo single leading up to the album release...this era's visual theme is giving me chills, the black and white, the dashes of colour, the fact it's gaga...LOVE IT!

LIMITED EDITION : lady gaga - born this way (fan package & collector's edition)

not sure what is happening with Blogger..hope the posts that disappeared come back... anywho, to tide us over, gaga just released images of the "fan package" and "collector's edition" of 'born this way'..see, feeling better already! "fan package" comes with the deluxe version of the cd and vinyl and a little monster 'i.d.' card, which can be used for future special offers (?!) ...excited much?

"collector's edition" includes 9 12" picture-disc vinyls that contains the standard edition of the album, and a personal message from the gargs' etched onto each one, a 24"x24" 'little monster mosaic' poster (made up of images uploaded by fans) and the 'i.d' card also, all packaged in an individually numbered boxset!

just so you know, i pre-ordered both...more money then sense? no. more monster then sense!!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : rihanna - man down

the single we've been waiting for!!!! rum-pa-pa-pum...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : her majesty + the wolves - goodbye/goodnight

sooo glad kim is doing so well post-pcd! ...now melody needs to follow suit...

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : britney spears - till the world ends (the femme fatale four pack)

loving this type still, works so effortlessly...make sure you check out my post on my 'femme fatale (premium fan edition)' :)