Tuesday, 19 November 2013

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : katy perry - unconditionally

Saturday, 2 November 2013

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : britney spears - britney jean

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : dev - kiss it (ft. sage the gemini)

Dev is back with her usual sing/rap awesomeness...but is also back with the awful artwork :/

NEW SINGLE & ALBUM ARTWORK : leona lewis - one more sleep & christmas, with love

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : sky ferreira - night time, my time (NSFW)

CLICK THE LINK TO SEE THE COVER... Sky has her boob out, so careful who's stood behind ya ;)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : rihanna - what now

NEW SINGLE & ALBUM COVER : one direction - story of my life & midnight memories

New single:

Third album:

NEW SINGLE & ALBUM ARTWORK : little mix - move & salute

Standard edition album cover:

Deluxe edition album cover:

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : mariah carey - the art of letting go

#photoshop #glorious #onlymimi


AND FINALLY to catch my Gaga posts up (oops) - here is the Jeff Koons designed album cover, which I am in love with! Drawing inspiration from the painting 'The Birth Of Venus', the artist used multiple techniques to make it. Koons created a new art piece (a sculpture of Gaga), which he photographed and collaged with images of the renaissance painting. He also hand crafted the typography, creating a bespoke font exclusive to the release. It is simply gorgeous!

Gaga also revealed that the first 500 000 copies of the album will have a specially foiled element to the type (how Koons intended it to look), which she uploaded images of to Twitter:


NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : lady gaga - do what u want (ft. r kelly) & dope

After the 'ARTPOP' era seemed to have quite a solid aesthetic to it at first...these promo singles (and the alternate covers for 'Venus') all feel so different, I'm really questioning how the album art will turn out, ha! But you can't argue with Stefani's buns...ooft!

...Or her gnarled teeth for that matter... Is anyone else getting Gorillaz vibes from this one?

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : lady gaga - venus (3 versions)

The original second single from Gargs' 'ARTPOP' album, was unveiled to have three alternate artworks...all with a weirder look than the last. Check out the slightly NSFW, Steven Klein photographed pieces below...


Being touted not as another greatest hits collection, but the soundtrack to their recently released biopic (a great watch - check it out!). The cover is slick and draws upon their two best covers ('CrazySexyCool' and the logo from 'Fanmail'), so it's thumbs up from me :)