Thursday, 31 May 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : little mix - wings

so there are a couple of things simonsez likes about the new little mix artwork...

there are a whole host of logos to choose, collect and love!! the "lm heart" logo:

the "individual personality symbols that are in no way a copy of the spice girls "spice" no way whatsoever" logo:

or what will become the most recognised - the "little mix" logo: (though this could be forgotten by the next single's artwork... it's happened before)

surriously, will jesy's hair get bigger each time they appear in public...i love the cher quality it is giving right now!

annnd, upside down crucifixes? those illuminati rumours will be flying around any day... YOURFAVESCOULDNEVER!

i've gotta be honest, i thought this was an envelope placed in jade's hair - i had alerted vogue of a new trend of wearing stationary on your person...i guess i'll have to ring them back :/

who cares if the title of the single is covered up...THEY WON X FACTOR HOE! THEY'RE NUMBER ONE RIGHT NOW AND THE SONG ISN'T EVEN OUT YET!!

in all honesty, i can't wait to hear it :D #littlemixer4life

NEW BACK COVER ARTWORK : kylie minogue - best of

loving the use of all the original fonts used on the individual singles! (only qualm is that the type for 'in my arms' isn't should look the same as how 'wow' is written). kylie has always been one for throwing together all the eras, like the collages from the 'ultimate kylie' artwork - simonsez approves!

p.s. check out the front cover here!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : soso - i never thought you'd come in summer

love love love! soso is the one :) swedish pop perfection and the creator of all her visuals. yum.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NEW EP ARTWORK : kat graham - against the wall

getting some surriousness teairra mari-realness from ms. graham! looking forward to downloading her debut EP :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : bobby v - mirror (ft. lil wayne)

and from one steamed window effect, to another...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : agnes - one last time

UPDATE : seriously, guys, check out the actual song - it has been on repeat since i heard it!

ok...lovvving this! the photography has the feel of jill greenberg's work - in it's crispness and lighting. loving the steamed glass effect too...well done aggy!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

! updated ! NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : chris brown - fortune (deluxe edition)

so ayy lotta people had been hating on chris when he unveiled the deluxe cover for 'fortune' (which i posted here), with it's bling/3D diamonds he's updated it and done a kelly rowland, by coloruing it purple instead of blue.

*falls asleep*
*wakes with a start*

oh sorry! the cover alteration is so dull i must've dosed least when it had the awkwardly placed diamonds it got people talking, this change is sooo blah!

Monday, 28 May 2012

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : stooshe - black heart

well...this is awkward, after i'd gone on and on about the artwork looking so dull, it turns out that wasn't the final version. below you can see the pop-art-esque design for the girl group's second official single:

UPDATE : the gals have unveiled the disc art as first glance i thought the whole disc was a cut out heart, squealed a little, then realised it has a white background :(

Sunday, 27 May 2012

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : moxiie - ra ra ra! (greateclectic remix)

NEW SINGLE & REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : justin bieber - die in your arms & boyfriend (remix) (ft. 2chainz, mac miller & asher roth)

*bumper bieber post alert* so the official second single from 'believe' is set to be 'die in your arms' - the artwork seems like it ties into the rest of the era quite nicely, well done jb design team!

 also unveiled is the official "hip hop" remix to 'boyfriend....this artwork leaves a little to be desired, but it's more boring then it is awful.

Friday, 25 May 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kylie minogue - timebomb

"whoo, you wanna, wanna?" yes i do kyles, missed you and loving the year of k25! :P the artwork is a tad meh...but will make so much more sense when the video is released (it's the same heart leather jacket she wore for the video shoot)...

UPDATE : check out the video, it is the awesome kylie rippin' up the disco around soho, london!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : jennifer lopez - goin' in (ft. flo rida)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : cheryl - a million lights

so chezza has unleashed her latest album cover for 'a million lights' and everyone is slating it. seriously, every blog and post i have read this morning about it, all of them HATE it. not one to go with the crowd and ever the happy/shiny graphic designer, simonsez has decided to look at it in a positive way. for me i think it's very 80s - camp, big hair, camp pose, camp typeface, over the top glare on said typeface, a garish white border... the album is called 'a million lights' for hair-flips sake! of course she's going to go with a campy, o.t.t. visual too. everyone just needs to stop getting their virtual knickers in a twist and sit and wait to hear 'sexy den a mutha'...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : mýa - evolve

at first i thought it was some cheap'n'nasty club night starring ms. mya...but in fact it's her new single artwork :/ i'm not liking all...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : katy perry - wide awake

so kitty purry unveiled this image (below) on her twitter stating it is the new artwork for latest single 'wide awake'. loving that rainbow/flower child vibe! and she be rocking that purple doo...

buuuut, this cover also surfaced at the same time... is this the actual sleeve for the single, as the above one does have a lotta extra wordiness included. i'm confused, i kinda like it and i'll update when i know for sure!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

RANDOM : zowie's my new fave :)

so i had originally posted about zowie's awesome artwork and how slayed i was by the perfection that is her 'love demolition' cover, so you can imagine my surprise when a few days later i get a tweet saying...

*fangirl scream!!* so awesome :D so of course i reply...and we get a lil' back and forth going:

we're basically besties now heehee! so of course, i checked out adam dal pozzo's site and he is really talented - and has worked with zow' for the art direction and illustration for all her releases. so now we know who is behind all the deliciousness being served up for us!

click here to look through his portfolio :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kelly clarkson - dark side

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : marina and the diamonds - power & control

ooooooh wow, i love this a lot! channeling that blonde-in-white-bedsheets realness a la marilyn and i'm still crushing on that blurry/motel t.v. essence to all the visuals!

NEW PROMO PIC : katy perry "part of me 3D" poster

so i posted the film's logo some time ago and now the awesome movie poster has been unveiled! absolutely loving it, well executed and fits in perfectly with the feel of the album era :) supposedly 

also has an exclusive version of the poster which comes alive before yours eyes (see a screen grab below) and click here to see it for yourselves :D

NEW PROMO PIC & LOGO ARTWORK : jennifer lopez "dance again" world tour

so after the mess of a poster for the US leg with enrique iglesias, j-to-tha-l-o has stepped it ever so slightly with the "world tour"'s still pretty weak though :/ i just don't understand why they're using an old promo pic...

also thought i'd post this era's logo, as that is the only redeeming factor from the poster haha!

NEW PROMO PIC : kate nash "faster pussycats! run run" 2012 tour

love this! a taster of the third album's artwork? (seeing as she will be performing new tracks in this tour - which i'm going to see!! anyone else?)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : nicki minaj - pound the alarm

bleurgh! this cover looks icky nicki :/ so glad it's going to be a single though.

NEW DELUXE EDITION & SINGLE ARTWORK : chris brown - fortune (deluxe edition) & don't wake me up

UPDATE : chris got a lot of hate (could he get anymore?...) for the "diamonds", so he changed the deluxe edition cover of the album to this...which is annoying, as this tacky version had grown on me :(

hmmmm...not loving it :/ glad they didn't just write "deluxe edition" onto the cover...but the cut 'n' paste diamonds...they're not driving me wild. annnd it's another reason to doubt that chris will revolutionise album packaging.

he also unveiled the kind of blah cover for latest single 'don't wake me up' brown don't let me down, blow my mind with the album packaging, m'kay!!!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : professor green - remedy (HQ)

don't know why it's taken so long for the HQ to surface, after i posted the low quality version a while it is:

also in well-chosen marketing news - the prof has decided to release a beer called 'remedy', to align with the release of the single. he says "p .diddy has his ciroc vodka - because i'm british i've got my beer". i love love love when acts do this, something a little different, a little novelty :) and of course the bottle needs a label! take a look below for the victorian-esque look it's been given...

p.s. anyone else hoping for a deluxe edition of the album that includes a bottle :D

fancy trying the tipple - just click here!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : kreayshawn - breakfast (syrup) (ft. 2chainz)

so after the mess that was 'gucci, gucci', i really wasn't bothered about ms. white girl mob...but then i copped a listen of second single 'breakfast' and i can't get enough... look at what she's serving up (pun totally intended and you love it) for the cover:

NEW BACK COVER & LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : justin bieber - believe (gold & platinum editions)

so the beliebers are all gearing up for the release of the new album 'believe' and to get their tongues wagging even more mr. bieb has released the image of the back cover of the album (featuring a guitar wielding bieber and an inspiring quote to get you through the dark days...)

another announcement was made about the special edition packages that would be released to celebrate his second studio album and they are....

the "gold edition" includes: the deluxe edition of the album, an exclusive fan-chosen t-shirt, sneaker pin, fan mosaic poster (a la gaga), cinch bag and believe rubber bracelet.

the "platinum edition" includes: the deluxe edition of the album, an exclusive fan-chosen t-shirt, sneaker pin, fan mosaic poster (a la gaga), cinch bag, believe rubber bracelet and (something to get the fans really slobbering...) an autographed, framed picture including a swatch of material from the actual outfit jb wore on the album photo shoot (with certificate of authenticity)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : sean kingston - back 2 life (live it up) (ft. t.i.)

showing off some weight loss on his first official single since his accident, good to see you sean!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : ne-yo - lazy love

UPDATE :  Ne-yo has updated the cover, check it out here.

after the lack-lustre reception to his last album ' libra scale', i hope ne-ne comes back with some straight fyahh with his next release! the first single will be 'lazy love', check out the buzz cover for it below:

...getting some "hostel" horror film realness from this one :/