Friday, 4 May 2012

NEW ALBUM & DELUXE ARTWORK : usher - looking 4 myself (standard & deluxe edition)

so in the second post today about new standard-and-deluxe-edition-album-covers-sporting-an-arty-profile-shot-of-the-artist (the first being nelly furtado's latest), usher has unveiled the art for 'looking 4 myself'...awkwardly using a number instead of a word doesn't make you "down with the kids" mr. raymond...the illustration in the back seems to link to usher's new neck tattoo, but it all feels ever so slightly cluttered. ALSO that graffiti type is hideous...this all looks like a chris brown mixtape cover :/

and the deluxe isn't much better...becoming the first time that making something black and white DOESN'T improve the situation.

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