Tuesday, 8 May 2012

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : labrinth - electronic earth (limited edition boxset)

OK, HOOOOOOOOLD UP! wtactualf? how did this slip by me?? labrinth released his debut album ('electronic earth') almost a month ago and i hadn't purchased it yet as i had a feeling a limited edition was going to be put out...i had then seen that HMV were selling a 2-disc exclusive. i had decided that was the version i would be buying...then forgot to purchase a copy... but, thank goodness i didn't as i just stumbled upon a limited edition boxset that has been designed for the album and it's really juicy! the press release states that it "comes in a matte, laminated, black box with silver foil text (that'll be the delicious logo of his!)". it then goes on to explain that each song from the album has been put on an INDIVIDUAL CD, each with their OWN ARTWORK (*begins to shake and cry*) and all of this was done in collaboration between labrinth himself and the graphic artist tom hingston!! i mean, come on, tell me something better you can stumble upon on a monday evening....luckily, there was a copy (out of the limited 1000 made) left for me to buy, so expect a full cover-to-cover post when it arrives :)

so in my travels across the interweb, trying desperately to find any info about this new limited edition in my life, i found the individual artwork for album track 'climb on board'. eeee! so excited to receive my copy now!!

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