Friday, 11 May 2012

DISCOVERED : zowie - love demolition & my calculator

so i absoLUTEly love it when an amazing artwork introduces me to a new artist - instead of seeing their video first or an interview or badly-written blog post. if the artwork is done reaaallly well, then not only do you get a feast for the eyes but also so much information about what they're about to give you musically. and that is what happened to me with my new pop crush: zowie - a new zealand singer songwriter who is about to make it big. the first image of her i came in contact with was the cover of single 'my calculator'. i saw wet-look leggings, i saw faboose shoes, i saw ladies legs spread a-kimbo, i saw a shade of purple that justin bieber hasn't shat all over...i felt love at first sight. check that out below:

i know right. UH-MAY-ZANG! simple, edgy,'re hooked! so obviously i checked out what else she had to offer visually and discovered the video for 'my calculator':

i know right. also UH-MAY-ZANG! geometric shapes, just enough colour, everything dripping in glossy, matte black. yum! then i thought, i need an album cover. i need an album cover that is gunna seal this deal. and seal that deal it did. the album is 'love demolition' and here is that artwork:

AHHHHH!?@?!12?!? yes! getcho life, yes! i'm getting grace jones. i'm getting robyn. hell i'm even getting some kelly osbourne 'one word' and i like it! i'm hooked, i'm signed for, sealed and delivered. artwork heaven with awesome pop to match. done.

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