Thursday, 31 May 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : little mix - wings

so there are a couple of things simonsez likes about the new little mix artwork...

there are a whole host of logos to choose, collect and love!! the "lm heart" logo:

the "individual personality symbols that are in no way a copy of the spice girls "spice" no way whatsoever" logo:

or what will become the most recognised - the "little mix" logo: (though this could be forgotten by the next single's artwork... it's happened before)

surriously, will jesy's hair get bigger each time they appear in public...i love the cher quality it is giving right now!

annnd, upside down crucifixes? those illuminati rumours will be flying around any day... YOURFAVESCOULDNEVER!

i've gotta be honest, i thought this was an envelope placed in jade's hair - i had alerted vogue of a new trend of wearing stationary on your person...i guess i'll have to ring them back :/

who cares if the title of the single is covered up...THEY WON X FACTOR HOE! THEY'RE NUMBER ONE RIGHT NOW AND THE SONG ISN'T EVEN OUT YET!!

in all honesty, i can't wait to hear it :D #littlemixer4life

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