Thursday, 3 May 2012

NEW ALBUM & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : nelly furtado - the spirit indestructible (standard & deluxe edition)

"it's light in colour so that it's black sharpie-ready for when i sign CD's for the beautiful fans", nells declared on twitter after unveiling her latest album art. just like all her previous covers, the focus is on the logo...and you know how much i love that :) it's elegant, it's the good-kind-of simple design. two thumbs up nelly!!

but wait! what is this! the deluxe edition cover has been unveiled as well? i'm enjoying this more than the standard, getting kind of a native american vibe - from the side on image and the added border. also looking at the logo here, i'm thinking we might be in for some gold-foil realness :D

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