Monday, 30 April 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : tinashe - this feeling

for real guys, check out tinashe (pronounced tinash-ay)'s mixtape 'in case we die', it is some independently-released awesomeness! this is the next single to be unveiled and the artwork leaves something to be desired...especially compared to the mixtape's booklet artwork, which was all moody, black and white classiness.

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : shakira - addicted to you

the latest single from shak's 'sale el sol' album, she's throwing us some sasha fierce-esque posing with this one!...i kinda thought this era was over with...more excited about her up coming english album!

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : steps - the ultimate collection (tour edition)

to celebrate their triumphant return to the music world, the awesome five piece released their 'ultimate collection' as a standard 1-disc and 2-disc (CD/DVD) deluxe edition. then they announced the 'live 2012' album, which will feature their 'ultimate tour' recorded live. now the pop royalty have unleashed 'the ultimate collection (tour edition)', which will include the standard greatest hits track-list and an extra disc of karaoke versions!

the artwork is the classic, cheese-fest...but we love it :P

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : usher - lemme see (ft. rick ross)

ush has decided a more urban single should be put out alongside the more dance-orientated 'scream'...and so another artwork has surfaced :) i'm getting subtle flavours of madonna's deluxe version of 'mdna', anyone else? either way, snaps to usher for a strong visual so far in this era!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : m.i.a. - come walk with me

m.i.a. still be giving MS paint realness :P and making it werk for me, everyone else agree? (you know no one else could pull this off...i think nicki tried to do it with the 'roman reloaded' artwork...and failed...miserably)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

NEW LOGO ARTWORK : stooshe - black heart

to tide everyone over until the official single cover is unveiled i'm posting the single's logo...that asymmetrical love-heart features heavily in the video (which is some 60s/motown awesomeness in itself!). will post the cover straight away, so keep your eyes peeled on simonsez-CD!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : alexandra burke - let it go

after releasing the buzz artwork for the song, alex has now followed it up with the official cover. as always be al' it's all a little blah...nice enough, she looks delightful, but it's just forgettable :/

NEW REMIX EP ARTWORK : moxiie - the trip : jungle pop - the remixes

anyone else agree this would look sooooooooo much better without the messy typefaces at the with that fake blood one?!?

THE WEEK'S MOST POPULAR : 22nd/28th april

NEW ALBUM & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : justin bieber - believe (standard & deluxe)

so hurrr it is beliebers, justin's latest album artwork! check out the standard and deluxe versions of the cover below:



p.s. there is a lot of murmurings online that the artwork is slightly too similar to adam lambert's 'trespassing' cover....hmmm...

Friday, 27 April 2012

NEW MIXTAPE & LOGO ARTWORK : misha b - why hello world

my favourite x factor alumni, from last series, has just released the free download to her "taster" mixtape featuring original and cover songs. the artwork is throwing us some baby-pic realness, but with her official debut i hope she gives us some amazing artwork, as her visuals on the show hinted at! check it ouuuuttt:

also enjoying myself with her logo, seeing shades of the type from sugababes iconic release 'angels with dirty faces'...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : stooshe - black heart

UPDATE : sooooo i was a lil' wrong in my artwork prediction...and they kind disappointed by going with this instead.

the full cover hasn't surfaced yet, but these few pieces have arisen on their official mailer and website, so i'm assuming that they'll throw them all together to create their next single's cover :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : t-pain - turn all the lights on (ft. ne-yo)

NEW REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : lana del rey - blue jeans (ft. azealia banks) (smims & belle remix)

well this remix was unexpected! loving it :D artwork leaves something to be desired... would've loved them to do something with the flawless artwork of the original single...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : florence + the machine - breath of life

obviously this is for the "snow white & the huntsman" soundtrack, but nice incorporation of flo-flo's logo :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : usher - scream

it's like ush heard that i wasn't liking the original cover and unveiled this artwork as the actual official version! i'm liking me some that a helluva lot more :)

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : brandy - put it down (ft. chris brown)

EEEEE! it's here, the artwork for bran-bran's latest single!...and it is NOTHING like i was expecting. obvious there is some pop art/roy lichtenstein influences going on works, in a very ciara 'fantasy ride' era sort of way. will the whole album campaign keep that visual up?

what do you think?

and i spy a new logoooo....

NEW REMIX EP ARTWORK : madonna - girl gone wild (remixes)

this artwork never grew on me, why they changed from the divine, serif font to the ghostly/slug trail (when madge changed the name of the song) i'll never know :/

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : florence + the machine - never let me go

ever so slightly reserved artwork for flo's latest single, compared to the epic-ness of the other covers of the era. butttt, she gets away with it as simonsez loves her so much :D

NEW SINGLE & REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : professor green - remedy (ft. ruth anne) (LQ) & remedy (ft. ruth anne) (ils remix)

keeping in with the visual design from this era, is pro's latest release 'remedy'. i'll update when a HQ version emerges :)

ALLLLLSO, a promo pic for the remix edit of the single has surfaced, showcasing a more illustrated detail. me likes!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : emeli sandé - my kind of love

props to em (who is the latest UK export to try her luck in america..) for keeping a strong visual theme throughout this whole era, without any two artworks clashing or looking overly similar. also this song is my jam, so extra points for that :P

! updated ! NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : garbage - blood for poppies

so there was originally a buzz cover for this single, but garbs thought they'd step up the creepy factor and give us some "laid out bones in a specific fashion" realness :)

NEW EP & SINGLE ARTWORK : daniel bedingfield - stop the traffik - secret fear & rocks off

if you squint, bedders could be marcus collins on the cover of his return-to-music EP 'stop the traffik - secret fear'...which you can download for free from his website. the type is understated and the colours/editing are subdued, i'm liking it :)

the buzz single from the EP is 'rocks off', which made some slight tremors online a month back with it's NSFW video...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : usher - scream

UPDATE : he's changed it to something MUCH better. click here to see it!

just looks like an expanded and less-interesting 'climax' cover...

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : d.woods - 2 the bottom

WOW! the third danity kane alumni to release solo material in the last week (check out posts on dawn richard and aubrey o'day)...unfortunately ms. d's cover is more in the hot mess lane of o'day then of dawn :( song is fyah, but this artwork reeks of 60s throwback and ms paint!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NEW EP BOOKLET ARTWORK : dawn richard - armor on

dawn has decided all her fans need to know the lyrics for her freshly released EP 'armor on', so has given the exclusive download of her EP's booklet artwork, featuring new images and all the words :) if you head over to their site (by clicking here) you can see a beautiful, interactive version of the booklet (see above)...make sure to download yours or just look below to see the beautiful lay-out!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : alexandra burke - let it go

i'm assuming this is the buzz cover for now (it's been uploaded to alex's official youtube page with the single's remix audios) and she'll update with one including a purdy picture of herself :)

NEW SINGLE & REMIX SINGLE ARTWORK : david guetta - i can only imagine (ft. chris brown & lil wayne) & i can only imagine (remixes)

supposedly the next single to be left from david's mega album 'nothing but the beat'...i see he's trying out yellow as the next cover colour!

and 'the remixes' artwork has also surfaced...guetts be using some eye-watering shades for this single haha!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : flo rida - whistle

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : little boots - every night i say a prayer

love everrrrything about this...BUT the colouring of the words "night i say a" across her dress doesn't sit right with me. i would've preferred one colour for the whole title of the song, rather then an awkward re-colour midway through...only a little gripe, it's still a great song!

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : aubrey o'day - wrecking ball

oh gawwwd this is just plain awful :/ aubs...a lil design 101...DON'T EVER USE SCRIPTINA FONT... if it is accessible in microsoft word, it shouldnt be on your single cover! the colour doesn't even pull it back, an awkward, raspberry-yoghurt hue of pinky-purple...yuck!