Wednesday, 18 September 2013

NEW DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : miley cyrus - bangerz (5 alternate covers)


Majah artwork news about Miley's up coming 'Bangerz' album was announced today - the deluxe edition version of the release will have five (FIVE) alternate cover artworks. We have already been introduced to one (see above) and then today saw four websites unveil the other four. Check them out below and then join me at the bottom for some more artwork news!!

(Revealed by 'Love Magazine') 

(Revealed by 'Popcrush')

(Revealed by 'Rolling Stone')

(Revealed by 'V Magazine')

AHHH! Now I already loved the original artworks that were released (Mileybird serving up lots of 80s realness and over the shoulder "I don't givva" stares), but these are sending me into overdrive! Now for the final bit of news:

Each cover will be released physically, and distributed randomly to retailers, to begin with. BUT! From now fans can vote for their favourite cover on her official Facebook page and the winner will become the 'official' deluxe edition cover from then on (got it? Good.)

SO! That means, four of the other covers will become limited edition!!!!!!!! And y'all know how much I love that word...which means I'm purchasing five copies of Miley's album... #uhoh

UPDATE: Also, head over to to make a version of Miley's album using your image!