Saturday, 14 April 2012

WEBSITE : check out marina and the diamonds tumblr "the : archetypes"!

as an on going buzz-generator, marina has been uploading her latest cover artwork, images and quotes to her tumblr page "the : archetypes". on the lead up to the album's ('electra heart') release, i have been checking out the site more and more and realise that it really gives a feel for the album's artwork. you get to delve into the "electra heart" alter-ego and her multiple forms: su-barbie-a, teen idle, the primadonna and homewrecker. 

it isn't just an excuse for maz to play dress up, but also gives a feel for the overall visual she's going for (which she says is inspired by marilyn monroe, britney spears and marie-antoinette <3). CHECK IT OUT!

she has posted all the HQ versions of the single and album artwork, and also the original images too (see above)

p.s. check out the artwork for the 4 postcards you'll get when you pre-order 'electra heart' over at :)

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