Friday, 6 April 2012

NEW LOGO ARTWORK : nelly furtado

so nellz revealed the new artwork for her latest single 'big hoops (bigger the better)' today and the purdy piece also showed off the updated logo for the lady herself, check it out above.

'whoa, nelly!' was the first use of her logo

it got me hella excited, as i've always given major props to ms. furtado for keeping the same logo from her debut release right up to her last album, 2009's 'mi plan'. that is four albums-worth (all accompanying single artwork/posters etc.) of use and that re-enforces everything i talk about, to do with keeping a solid visual throughout all an artist's body of work.

BUT, as much as i loved nelly for using the exact same logo...around the 'loose' campaign, i began to wonder if it had to be the EXACT SAME logo - could it benefit from an update? and with this new album and era of the furtado coming up, i see that an update has been put in place and it looks dee-licious! love how they've kept the original flavor with the formations of the letters and the 'O' being the original swirl, but it still fits in with the updated sans serif type and more structured feel overall (it's not as wacky 'n' wavy!). well done nelly!

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