Thursday, 24 May 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : cheryl - a million lights

so chezza has unleashed her latest album cover for 'a million lights' and everyone is slating it. seriously, every blog and post i have read this morning about it, all of them HATE it. not one to go with the crowd and ever the happy/shiny graphic designer, simonsez has decided to look at it in a positive way. for me i think it's very 80s - camp, big hair, camp pose, camp typeface, over the top glare on said typeface, a garish white border... the album is called 'a million lights' for hair-flips sake! of course she's going to go with a campy, o.t.t. visual too. everyone just needs to stop getting their virtual knickers in a twist and sit and wait to hear 'sexy den a mutha'...

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