Saturday, 14 May 2011

LIMITED EDITION : lady gaga - born this way (fan package & collector's edition)

not sure what is happening with Blogger..hope the posts that disappeared come back... anywho, to tide us over, gaga just released images of the "fan package" and "collector's edition" of 'born this way'..see, feeling better already! "fan package" comes with the deluxe version of the cd and vinyl and a little monster 'i.d.' card, which can be used for future special offers (?!) ...excited much?

"collector's edition" includes 9 12" picture-disc vinyls that contains the standard edition of the album, and a personal message from the gargs' etched onto each one, a 24"x24" 'little monster mosaic' poster (made up of images uploaded by fans) and the 'i.d' card also, all packaged in an individually numbered boxset!

just so you know, i pre-ordered both...more money then sense? no. more monster then sense!!

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