Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DISCOVERED : jessie ware

In the UK, most people will have heard Jessie Ware's name spoken or written about (she's appeared on many "Next Big Thing" lists and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize) but probably haven't checked her out. I was one of those (silly) people, I kept seeing her artworks all over sites and eventually thought that if this chick's music is as interestingly quiet and beautiful as these covers, then I'mma like me some her! I went out and bought her 'Devotion' album and have had it on repeat for weeks - so here is a post catching us all up on her cover art and giving snaps to the wonderful Ms. Jessie Ware.

Her debut album is titled 'Devotion' and was released in two different type versions. One in gold...

...and one in black.


'110%' - this was the artwork that really kept catching my eye and made me get up, get out and buy the album. I love how tranquil the image and type come across, it's really beautiful.

'Wildest Moments'

'Night Light'

'No To Love'

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