Tuesday, 8 November 2011

LIMITED EDITION : lady gaga - born this way (collector's edition)

one of many editions gaga is releasing of 'born this way' (along with the standard edition, the 2 CD deluxe edition, the vinyl 'fan package', the USB limited edition, the 'born this way : the remix' and 'born this way : the collection' sets). probably the rarest of all the releases, the set includes nine 12" picture-disc vinyls (each one showcasing an individual image from the nick knight artwork photoshoot). each vinyl holds one song on each side, making up the deluxe edition of the album altogether, and a personal message from the gargs' etched onto each one as well. also included is a 24"x24" "little monster mosaic" poster (made up of images uploaded by fans) and each box is printed with an individual number.


so, let's dive in!
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front of boxset (loving how simple it is! only gaga could have herself as a motorbike woman on one cover and nothing on the next)

the covering on the box has a faux-leather quality to it which really adds to the detail of the piece (and deliciousness :D)


sticker...no track listing, just record company mumbo...

the individual number is stamped on the back, a rare piece!

the sides of the box are completely blank, no title anywhere but the front. i love this feel to it, gets you all excited for what's about to be discovered inside...

opening up... and the BEAUTIFUL contents is revealed. still quite visually subdued, but luxurious and exquisite at the same time! (seriously, the quality of this set calls for such words!). on top of all the contents is placed the album's credits sheet, making full use of the iconic skull illustration by eliot flores

on one side of the package is etched "THIS ALBUM IS FOR Ü", like it is in the CD version's booklet. but here it is printed onto a luscious felt lining. the picture below doesn't do full justice to the feel of it, but i hope you get the idea...

the full inside, contents taken out

close up of the eliot flores illustration

the other side of the sheet, containing all of the album's credits

beneath that sheet is the folded up 24" x 24" "fan mosaic" poster


can you spot me? :)

beneath the poster you then have the lover-ly pile of vinyls!

a LOVERLY pile! :D

all nine vinyls

vinyl 1

each one is placed in a red, acetate slipcase

vinyl 1, side a : marry the night

vinyl 1, side b : born this way

vinyl 2

vinyl 2, side a : government hooker

vinyl 2, side b : judas

vinyl 3

vinyl 3, side a : americano

vinyl 3, side b : hair

vinyl 4

vinyl 4, side a : schieße

vinyl 4, side b : bloody mary

vinyl 5

vinyl 5, side a : black jesus † amen fashion

vinyl 5, side b : bad kids

vinyl 6

vinyl 6, side a : fashion of his love (it has to be said, this is my favourite image of all the vinyl artwork)

vinyl 6, side b : highway unicorn (road to love)

vinyl 7

vinyl 7, side a : heavy metal lover

vinyl 7, side b : electric chapel

vinyl 8

vinyl 8, side a : the queen

vinyl 8, side b : yoü and i

vinyl 9

vinyl 9, side a : the edge of glory

vinyl 9, side b : blank

the side b of vinyl 9 has the flores illustration etched onto it

all side As

all side Bs

all the boxset contents

an absolutely stunning edition (i've only had it for a few days and i already feel it's one of my favourites!). it feels so well crafted, considered and exquisite, how a REAL deluxe edition should feel (not simply a free DVD or a couple of unreleased songs added to it). the materials used and the design work that has gone into this piece are on point and give it an overall look that sits so well with the artwork photography and the rest of the 'born this way' releases...but it still manages to stand up as it's own piece and really shine in it's originality!

originality : 9/10
materials : 10/10
design : 9/10
the music : 10/10
overall : 9.5/10

rarity : only 3000 copies made.

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