Sunday, 6 November 2011

NEW SINGLE ARTWORK : michelle williams - on the run (with electric giant beatz)

oh holy goodness, in all that is true and holy...what is this mess??? why does anyone who can upload a picture into paint, think they can get away with travesties like this!

let's start with the positive, mich' is looking stunning. fact. now the negatives...

one: those types. those types. THOSE TYPES. from the "weathered" nastiness of 'on the run' to the "60's throwback" of michelle williams... all wrong!

two: the fact that we have "egb music productions presents" AND "electric giant beatz featuring" many words on the cover makes it too crowded and it's unnecessary!

three: that yellow for "michelle williams", what is that matching??? where has that come from??? yuck, yuck, yuck. hot mess.

four: the placing of EVERYTHING. somethings are over here, somethings are over there... somethings look like they are meant to be centred and quite clearly aren't... someone needs to be schooled in design!

five: electric giant beatz having a "z" in it.'s good though, check it out!

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