Saturday, 12 November 2011

! new feature ! THE WEEK'S MOST POPULAR! 5th/12th november

so i've decided to create a new feature on simonsez-CD, posting a weekly rundown of the five most popular posts! showing you what everyone's having a good old look at :)

people are LOVING this artwork! as i said before, really feeling that logo and having such a solid visual in keeping with the song's, like, like!

a lot of 1Dersss making their way over to have a look at the boy's latest single artwork (and it's alternate cover, both below).

STILLL waiting for the version of the cover with the added 'featuring calvin harris & burns' in hq!... avid artwork enthusiasts (like simonsez...) know why that's so important haha

with her sixth studio release just around the corner, there has been talk (no pun intended :D) online that it'll be released in an uber-deluxe 'couture edition', just like the loverly 'loud' album was :) so lots of riri fans have been finding out what this whole 'couture' thing is all about...and landed on my special post!

and finally, my newest favourite duo!...and judging by the post's popularity, a lot of others are loving them too :)

and that was the (first) 'week's most popular'! look forward to what will come out top next time :D

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