Sunday, 20 November 2011

NEW LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : rihanna - talk that talk (the rihanna navy box & navy officer's chest)

UPDATE : check out my full cover-to-cover post of the 'navy officer's chest' here!

THIS IS WHAT WE WERE WAITING FOR!! so along with the standard and deluxe editions of the latest rih-lease, there will be two uber-limited (only 500 of each) packages. it seems as though she took notes from the questionnaire released a few months ago about an up-and-coming rihanna special edition, as a few of the items featured in the questions have emerged in these beee-autiful pieces! let's dive in and check them outtttt:

the less expensive of the two, the 'talk that talk (the rihanna navy box)':

set to include: an officer's hat (amazing!), a jewellery case (shaped as a water-mine, containing a pin holding three 'unique collectible charms'), a Navy patch and a deluxe edition of the 'talk that talk' album. you can see by the image (below) that the edition of the album has a new that just to add to the navy feel or will fans be treated to completely new artwork for the album?? loving the fact they are going all out with the navy feel! all housed in a specially designed box and individually numbered.

and now to the masterpiece of rihanna deluxe edition-ness that we have ever seen! welcome the 'talk that talk (navy officer's chest)'....take a moment...breathe...

and now look what it includes: the deluxe edition of the album, the officer's hat, navy patch and collectible charms (with pin) that is also included in 'the rihanna navy box', but also: an "r" logo usb drive, a flight pin, a luggage tag, a tabloid newspaper including never before seen images and an autographed Navy membership card. all of this will be housed in a specially designed chest packaging (with a special key to unlock the piece) and will be individually numbered.

PHEW! amazing. awesome. absolute Navy madness going on up in herrrr'! haha, really excited to see how these turn out in the flesh, hoping for a well crafted, intricate attention to detail piece a la gaga, rather then a haphazard, rushed deluxe piece a la minaj... we will see!

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