Saturday, 26 November 2011

THE WEEK'S MOST POPULAR! - 20th / 26th november

with the release of the lads' debut album, there's been a lot of interest in the limited edition of the album (only available form their website). well done 1D on what i'm assuming will be tomorrows number one album...

a resurgence of interest into guetty's latest single with usher (especially the release of the single's remixes), really liked the artwork for this era! now hoping he releases 'turn me on' avec ms. minaj!

slight slip in views of lab's latest smash...though still enough to get him into the most popular this week! looking forward to the next single and then album release :)

with the release of cher's album 'sticks + stones' this month, lots of people been looking out for her second single from her debut :) lots of people entering into her 'design a CD cover' competition as well!

and the third new entry this week, from pro green and ms. emeli sandé! loving this single (his most successful to date). really enjoyed the artwork for this era, a lot more sophisticated and put together than his first album. WELL DONE PROF'!

and that was this week's 'most popular!' :) see you next time!

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