Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : amy winehouse - lioness : hidden treasures

named after her record label ("lioness records"), this will be the first posthumous release from the late singer. the set will feature cover versions and previously unheard versions and demos of classics, such as a ballad version of 'tears dry on their own' and an acoustic version of 'valerie'. now to the artwork... love the image, feels like classic amy (pretty, with an edge of soulfulness... just look at the 'back to black' cover!). it's the type/title i'm not mad about...'hidden treasures' is not necessary, 'lioness' would have stood just fine by itself. the type feels cheap and flimsy (the kind of "rough" effect on is just plain and unoriginal). for me, i hope that future releases step it up!

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