Tuesday, 22 November 2011

VIDEO : updated preview of kylie's 'aphrodite (the goddess edition)'

UPDATE : SHE HAS ARRIVED! check out my full post on my copy of the limited edition (with HQ photos) here!

so it's been pushed back again...now to the end of december :(:(:(:( to tide us over (for that little bit longer), a second preview video has been released, showing an updated layout and also that the book will now come in a slipcase as well! i've only allowed myself to look at a few frames of this updated preview video... as i want to wait for the grand unveiling when i finally get mine in my hands! the piece is soon to be shipped out to the 1000 lucky fans, but if you want to wreck the surprise, take a look below...

also check out the behind the scenes website, chronicling the design and manufacture of the limited edition piece here.

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