Saturday, 5 November 2011

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : kelly rowland - here i am (uk/europe/international edition)

so you can see this new cover is an updated version of the original artwork. zoomed out, re-coloured and the logos replaced...and to be honest, three changes that don't add anything. the original cover was flawless (as was the deluxe edition), but keeping so closely to the original artwork kind of makes this version feel like a fan-made, near-miss, rather then new life being breathed into the album. don't get me wrong, it's by no means awful, but i think i was hoping for maybe a new image...or something. also i hate how they've placed 'here i am'...are you right justified? what are you in line with??...centred would have sufficed haha! ANYWHO, excited for the international release and kelly is always my gurl :)

p.s. looking at this cover...i'm loving how they've coloured this version! nice choice.

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