Sunday, 20 February 2011

LIMITED EDITION : mariah carey - merry christmas II you

this was one of the presents i received for Christmas 2010, thought i'd share it with you. it's a pretty solid limited edition, well made and looks fantastic. lets have a look....

front (of packaging)


back (of packaging)

contents (CD, photo album, Christmas tree butterfly ornament and gift tags)

front (42 page photo album)



a small sample of a good ol' Carey Christmas!

front (of CD)

back (of CD)

inside insert..extended cover picture!

photography by David Lachapelle <3

front (of butterfly ornament slide case)

Christmas tree butterfly ornament

no faults with this limited edition, it has originality, novelty and is well crafted, was so happy to open it Christmas morning! this kind of dedication to fans and limited editions (especially just for a holiday album) really speaks volumes for Carey and her team. Job well done!

originality : 8.5/10
materials : 8/10
design : 9/10
the music! : 6/10
overall : 8/10

rarity : moderate, available via amazon, mariah's own website, but only limited numbers

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