Wednesday, 2 February 2011

LIMITED EDITION : lady gaga - the fame monster (limited edition USB drive)

what better way to start the blog than post about the gaga! this special, fan-directed edition was brought out a few months after the standard edition of the album was released, as a limited edition that coupled the similar limited edition release of "the fame" on USB drive. includes: "the fame monster" album, a selection of remixes, all videos up to "telephone", photo gallery of international singles covers and digital album booklet, can also be used as a memory device, of up to 1.5 GB (approx.). to be honest, mine will never leave my room, i'm not allowing any light fingered colleagues the chance to pick it up if left around the university! it is cute, fits perfectly among the overall visual look of "the fame monster" era, a must for any fan.



looks amazing slotted into the foam

very graphic looking design, coupled with cute features and size

nothing's perfect . . i was upset to see the cross-styilised "t" was not consistently used throughout the packaging, seen on the top, but not used on the side

originality : 7/10
materials : 6/10
design : 8/10
the music! : 9/10
overall : 7.5/10

rarity : rare, was only available from gaga's website and have sold out, sell very highly on eBay.

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