Thursday, 28 July 2011

RANDOM : kylie minogue - aphrodite (the goddess edition)

UPDATE : SHE HAS ARRIVED! check out my full post on my copy of
the limited edition (with HQ photos) here!

just found out that the kylie minogue - 'aphrodite (the goddess edition)' is going to be another 2 weeks until it is finished (and as i'm not living in australia, it'll be at least another 2 weeks on top of that :/). this is the statement from the "behind the scenes" website:....

"Basically we (flew) over to Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago to show the almost final version to Kylie... (she) has a spectacular eye for detail... and wanted to make some changes to ensure it fully represents the tour experience. Had to stop production on the project and reprint a whole lot of the popups which set back the book a bit. We've also decided the cover wasn't good enough and reprinted all of them. Hoping to receive the first shipment of stock in 2 weeks and all stock by the 15th August. You can appreciate that with each popup containing over 10 layers of paper and each page being hand constructed it's been an interesting journey. Don't want to rush the print factory as the quality needs to be absolutely perfect."

hmmmmmmmmmm...not majorly happy with that. obviously i understand why (and i've said it myself before, kylie's artwork has produced some real greats because of that "spectacular eye for detail")....but im an impatient kinda fan...I WANT MY DELUXE LIMITED EDITION SPECIAL POP UP BOOK NOW!

the wait goes on...

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