Wednesday, 27 July 2011

NEW ALBUM & BACK COVER ARTWORK : dev - the night the sun came up (?)

GOOD GOD I HOPE THIS ISN'T THE ACTUAL COVER ARTWORK!!!!!!!! especially not after the fierce-ness that was the 'in the dark' cover, that is the ish she needs to be putting out as her visuals! ...ok scratch that! i realised in the image she doesn't have all of her tattoos that she has now (duhh), clearly an old photo, clearly a fan-made and THANK GOODNESS! :)

the real cover is here :)

lot's of mystery in this post, this image (below) has also appeared...more in the vein of the 'in the dark' amazing-ness... possible back cover / promo pic? i will be sure to update and confirm (or fingers crossed deny that awful front cover) as soon as possible!

UPDATE : also a fan-made fake!

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