Friday, 2 September 2011

RANDOM : update on kylie minogue's 'aphrodite (the goddess edition)'...

UPDATE : SHE HAS ARRIVED! check out my full post on my copy of
the limited edition (with HQ photos) here!

so some of you may know about kylie's 'aphrodite (the goddess edition)' and how the original release was supposed to be end of july. and then it was pushed back. and now it's been pushed back again.

to november. :/

basically it is being put down to manufacturing problems, the spine isn't strong enough to hold the pop ups inside, so they are being re-printed (i think this is the fourth re-print...). obviously it's difficult to wait so patiently...but to think of the day when it arrives through my door :D:D.

click here for the full statement by warner music.

in happier news, they've released a video of the first look into the actual piece, showing the cover, some of the layout and the four pop ups (which are at the beginning of the book...i don't know why that surprised me!) it does help ease the pain of knowing there is another 2 1/2 months wait slightly, check it ouuuuuuut: