Friday, 12 October 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : nicki minaj - pink friday : roman reloaded : the re-up

UPDATE : OOOH, delightful, Nix has decided to bless us with the correct shaped version of the cover...ughh! See it here...

Please tell me that all visitors to simonsez-CD out there know why this artwork is an ugly-ass, hot, steaming pile of wasted pixels.

No? Then lemme school ya'.

1. It uses about a thousand fonts...none of which look any where near decent.
2. That blur effect used on said fonts. That. Blur. Effect. Ugh...
3. It is rectangle in shape. Unless Ms. Minaj is planning on redesigning the age-old artwork shape (which I highly doubt), I think a swift rejig of this disaster is in fact scrap it completely and just go with a close up of her ass.
4. The image is from the 'I Am Your Leader' video - a) Using a video still for artwork is never good and b) THAT WAS A SINGLE FROM 'ROMAN RELOADED' WHICH ISN'T THIS ALBUM!!! AGGGGHHHH

I can't... I can't...

In fact, I can.

For someone with the amount of talent that Nicki has, and with that the major label backing and funds and teams of people surrounding her - why is no one stepping in and stopping her from releasing these weak and shameful excuses for album covers? It truly baffles me. I really do believe that she has no eye for design or branding (see: Her unveiling her ugly perfume bottle on Twitter, with an image that consisted of approx 4.5 pixels...low quality and nasty). It is a real shame - as in a world where image is everything, I believe that people will soon stop buying into her shoddy image or worse the legacy she leaves behind will be defined by the awful artwork she releases.


  1. 'I can't... I can't...' :D
    And yes, this cover looks ugly

  2. Hahaha - love me some Wendy Williams .GIFs! :P