Wednesday, 24 October 2012

NEW ALBUM & DELUXE EDITION ARTWORK : stooshe - stooshe (standard & deluxe edition)

The girls have unveiled the artwork for their self-titled debut (originally titled 'Swings and Roundabouts')... The site Popjustice had quite an accurate piece on the girls change in image/sound since they began a year back and this cover epitomises that: far from the multi-coloured, foul mouthed LDN trio we saw in 'Fuck Me', they now come across as a chic doo-wop girl group. I just hope their outrageous individuality and personalities haven't been painted over in the album artwork and tracks...

Also here is the deluxe edition cover, I'm hoping they actually go with some gold-plating for that type, rather than just a recolour:

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