Friday, 12 October 2012

NEW ALBUM & SINGLE ARTWORK : keyshia cole - woman to woman (LQ) & trust and believe

UPDATE : Key-key has now unveiled the standard and deluxe edition versions of the artwork, check them here!

See below for a sneak look at Keyshia's next album art - looks a helluva lot more interesting than 'Calling All Hearts' did. She posted the LQ snap on her Instagram account, saying she'd update with the proper version soon...will type be added do you think? Hope not, as that image is giving me liiiife!

Also, got the exclusive first look at her next single artwork too, see the dramatic snap below:

p.s. Loving that Key is stepping up her visual game (see also: 'Enough Of No Love' video) - to keep up with these other gals, that is exactly what she needed to do!

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